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The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry was founded on the basis of a secondary school two-year teacher-training Research and Education Center (REC) in 1932. Later in 1934, it was called the second Tajik State Institute of Education. In December 1938 the Institute was named after S.M.Kirov by the order of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the SSR of Tajikistan. Since that time it was called Leninabad State Institute of Education named after S.M.Kirov (LSPI).

The REC started the 1932-33 academic year with 28 students in two Departments, agro-biology (14 students) and techno-physics (14 students). In 1933 chemistry and biology department was established and an acting professor A.A.Dibrova was appointed as its Head. The botanist, an acting professor B.M.Komarov was the next Head of the department in the later years since September 1933 until October 1934. In September 1934 the Department was devided into two independent departments, Chemistry department (the head A.A.Dibrova) and Biology department (the head B.M.Komarov).Ever since, the Department was called “The Faculty of Botany and Chemistry”.

Since early days of its establishment the departments of the faculty paid a great attention on research works. The newly established departments of the faculty got educational facilities to strengthen its research grounds with the support of scholars and teachers of the faculty and the Institute administration. Yet in the first two years of the Institute’s establishment, the chemistry department laboratories got 1318, botany room got 358, zoology room got 679 and geology room got 500 number of educational facilities in the amount of 88.771 sum and 66 tin of the then currency. In 1936, the first 15 secondary school teachers graduated the Institute with 9 teachers of Botanics among them. Out of necessity, the faculty of chemistry was established in 1936 and functioned until 1943. It trained 36 graduates where 30 of them were out of local people in 1938, 1940, 1941 and 1942.

In 1938, the Deans positioned was introduced into the Institute. To that point, the mentioned position was carried out by the Director of the Institute. The Dean of the faculty was A.A.Dibrova until 1945. In 1944-1956 the mentioned faculty was joined with the faculty of physics and mathematics to be called “The Faculty of Botany, Physics and Mathematics”. Its Heads were Botanist A.A.Ataev in 1945-46, Biologist Q.Nazarov in 1946-47, and Physicist T.H.Homidov 1948-56. The Head of Faculty of Botany was V.Sh.Shamsiev in 1956-1957.

In 1957-58 the Department of Geography was established in the faculty. Ever since, it was called “The Faculty of Natural Science and Geography”. In the later years, R.Karimov (1958-1962), R.A.Nosirov (1962-1968), O.Dadoboeva (1968-1969), A.S.Saidov (1969-1973), H.Q.Qosimov (1973-1974), I.Turaqulov (1974-1979), H.Gh.Ochilov (1979-1985), B.Homidov (1986-1987) and B.M.Haidarov (1988-1993) were the Heads of this science and education house. In the 50th of the last century, an experimental and productive area (later an agro-biology location) of LSPI was created in the geographical location of Somghor of Khujand district (present Bobojon Gafurov) with the support of the Dean of the Faculty R.Karimov, teachers Q.Nazarov, R.Normatov, the Dean of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty A.M.Qurbonov and the Director of the Institute P.Kh.Hamroqulov (1959-1965). In 1993, the faculty of geography became an independent one as a result of changing the Pedagogical Institute into the University (13.06.1991), and the Faculty was named “The Faculty of Natural Sciences”. Since September 1992 until February 1993 the acting Dean of the Faculty was T.Q.Habilov. In 1993-1996 the dean was N.Hakimkhujaev.

In April 1996, the faculty of chemistry separated from the faculty of Natural Sciences and N.Hakimkhujaev was appointed its dean until November of that year. Then the faculty of geography united with the faculty of Botany to be called “The Faculty of Biology and Geography”. I.T.Turaqulov was appointed its head. In November 1996, three faculties, geography, botany and chemistry, were united to make “The Faculty of Natural Sciences” and I.Turaqulov was appointed its head until November 2000. Scholars S.B.Karimov (2000-2008) and M.J.Bobojonova (2008-2010) run the faculty in the later years.

In January 2011 the faculty was divided into two faculties, Geography and Ecology faculty, and Biology and Chemistry faculty. Since January 2011 until January 2013 the faculty of Biology and Chemistry was run by M.J.Bobojonova and since January 2013 until March 2016 its head was M.I.Saburov. Sh.R.Mirzobahodurova has been running he faculty since March 2016.

Chemistry department having been functioning as an independent department since 1934 was divided into two departments, inorganic chemistry department (head A.A. Dibrova) and organic chemistry department (head candidate of chemistry L.Sh. Rajabov), in autumn 1939. In autumn 1940, these two departments were united again into Chemistry department (Heads: A.A.Dibrova until moving to Ukraine in autumn 1945, A.S.Sulaimonov in 1946-1948, M.A.Alizoda in 1948-1952, A.S.Sulaimonov in 1952-1956, M.A.Alizoda in 1956-1963, H.Q.Qosimov in 1964-1973, R.K.Karimov in 1974-1975, M.Muhiddinov in 1975-1980, N.Hakimkhujaev in 1980-1992, R.Okhunov in 1993-1995).

By the necessity of time, after 56 years Chemistry department was divided into the following two departments in January 1996: General Chemistry and its Method of Teaching (Heads: R.Okhunov in 1996-1999, N. Hakimkhujaev in 1999-2004, R. Okhunov in 2004-2012, Z.S.Ahmedova since 2013 to present); Organic and Applied Chemistry (Heads: M.S.Muhammadjonov in 1996-2008, R.A.Juliev in July 2008-December 2010, S.N.Hakimkhujaev in January 2011-February 2013, D.A.Artiqova in March 2013-September 2014, H.I.Tilloboev since September 2014 to present).

In 1936, the department of Botany separated from Biology department (head B.M.Komarov). Professor A.V.Bursev became the Head of Biology department. The founders of Chemistry, Biology and Botany’s department professors A.A.Dibrova and B.M.Komarov made a great contribution to the development of natural sciences in Tajikistan. Those years, they paid a particular attention to preparation of local personnel. In 1934, the article of Komarov B.M “To involve students in research works” was published in city newspaper about it. Komarov B.M. was the head of Botany department for 27 years, until getting retired in 1959.

Then there were other Heads to go on with running the department like A.A.Ataev (1959-1977), G.A.Domishlines (1977-1978), O.Dadoboeva (1978-1982), M.Tojiboev (1982-1997) and M.J.Bobojonova (1997-1999). In 1999, the department was called botany and plant physiology. R.Hakimova run the department since 2009 until April 2014. Y.R.Homidov has been running the department since April 2014.

The department has a herbarium named after B.M.Komarov founded by him in 1932-1933. Now its collection has more than 75 kinds of plants most of which was collected by scientists B.Fedchenko, B.M.Komarov, O.Dadoboeva, I.Turaqulov and Gh.Ghafforov. The herbarium is largely used by students, post-graduates, researchers, scientists and teachers in the process of lessons and researches as an educational and research base. Biology department was divided into Darwinism department (head, professor A.V.Bursev) Zoology department (head, professor M.F.Konovalov). During the Second World War, all biology related departments were united into the department of Botany (head B.M.Komarov). After War this department was divided into Botany (head B.M.Komarov) and Zoology department (heads: M.F.Konovalova, S.Y.Madaminov, I.M.Utkina, V.M.Veretennikova, Y.D.Doniyorov). In 1968 the departments of anatomy, physiology and school hygienic (the first head, candidate of science in medicine M.K.Mallakhojaev, then Gh.K.Muhammadov, A.B.Muhiddinov, T.Q.Habilov) were separated from the department of zoology, and later in 1996 they were united with Zoology department to create the department of zoology and human and animal physiology (heads: M.Muhammadqulov, Z.K.Domulloeva, S.B.Karimov, Sh.R.Mirzobahodurova, Z.K.Domulloeva and since August 2016 to present M.Muhammadqulov by the order of rector of the University).

The department has a museum named after R.A.Mirzobahodurov created in 1932-1933 yet. Today its fund has more than 5200 examples. The first specialists, zoologists M.F.Konovalova, S.Y.Madaminov, R.A.Mirzobahodurov and T.Ahmadov made a worthy contribution to its creation and further enrichment. The museum has a great benefit for ecological and ethical education of students coming from the region, the republic as well as abroad. The end of the first half of 1969, the department of methods of teaching of botany and geography was established in the faculty of botany and geography. Its first Head was O.Dadoboeva (later heads were R.A.Mirzobahodurov, Gh.K.Muhammadov). In 1992, it was called the department of methods of teaching Biology. In 1998, the mentioned department was changed into general biology and its methods of teaching department, but later it was called general biology and protection of nature. It heads were I.T.Turaqulov, Gh.Ghafforov, S.B.Karimov, Y.R.Homidov. In January 2011, the department of biology and its methods of teaching was established (its acting head was Kh.O.Khidirov, Y.R.Homidov and since 2014 to present S.B.Karimov).

Today the two parts of the faculty have five departments, general chemistry and its methods of teaching, organic and applied chemistry, botany and plants physiology, zoology and physiology of human and animals, biology and its methods of teaching. There are 3 doctors of science, professor, 22 candidates of science, docents and 17 teachers. There are scientific and theoretical seminars of professor and teachers in the departments like “Science and life”, “Chemistry and industry”, “Botany”, “Biology of the 19th century”, and “Ornithologist”.There are students’ scientific circles like “Young chemic”, “Chemic”, “Botanist”, “Zoo-physiologist”, “Methodist”. Though the early days the faculty had only 14 students, now there are 1645 (full-time 890, part-time 710 and MA 45) full-time and part-time bachelor and MA students studying the specialties of “Chemistry”, “Biology” and “Biologic medical issues”.