Master of Science (MSc)

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Each year, the Master of Science (MSc) will be awarded to the master's degree in various disciplines, such as "Best Master", "Actual Science Research", and others on the basis of the Charter of the Contest, and winners will be awarded with a prize of the university royalty. Also, every scientific conference of the Master’s Degree in the region will be held under the title "Youth of the Youth in the Development of Science", and participated in the Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov, but also the young researchers of other universities and institutes of Sughd region, two sciences and natural-mathematics are occupied.

At the university between the master and student, there are regular seminars on scientific research and development of the master's and master's dissertations of the university's leading scholars. The goal of this seminar is to raise the scientific level of scientific articles and scientific journals of the Master of Science.

For the purpose of supporting the Master in the publishing of the scientific research results from 2015, the Master of Science Department has set up a series of magazines published in the Department of Sociology and Natural Sciences under the title "Arms of Scientists". Each year, the scientific magazines of the magnetore are published not only in the above-mentioned but also in the scientific journals, recognized by the CUA in Russian Federation, with more than 200 master's licenses that are protected from the best of these for continuing their studies in PhD PhD.

It is worth noting that the 45-year graduate students of the 201 -2017 academic year were included in the study of postgraduate and postgraduate PhD of the Khujand State University. The number of foreign students in our university is also limited, as many students of the Master's degree are from Turkey, South Korea and Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, and have chosen the Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Ghafurov to continue their education at the Master of Science.