​Information and analysis center

Information and analysis center of State Educational Institution “Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov” is considered to be one of the integral parts of the University. It was formed on May 23rd, 2011 as a press center.

Since its formation the heads of this center have been working such kind of scientists and experienced specialists as: Nabiyulloh Sunnati (11.2011-09.2012), candidate of philology science, docent Nasirjon Pulotov (01.2013-12.2013), head of press of Tajikistan Mamuri Usufzod (12.2013-04.2017) and candidate of Law science docent Kiromiddin Mukhtorov (04.2017-08.2018).

The candidate of philosophy science, docent Faridun Hodiboev has been working as the head of Information and analysis center since August, 2018 providing the informational environment and improving the activity of it.

From the day of its formation Information and analysis center is directly dependent on the Rector of the University. Information and analysis center established its activity on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the government of Khujand city and Sugd viloyat the orders of University Rector, the regulation of Information and analysis center and other official Law documents.

Information and analysis center completes its activity directly with the University Rector. It cooperates with the other departments of the University, its faculties, governmental structures and local and foreign Mess Media. The works of the center is regulated on the basis of annual, monthly and weekly reports and direct instructions of the University Rector.

After activating the University website the attention of the information medium and especially information agencies has increased to it.Different local and foreign Mess Media and the local executive bodies of the state authority are widely using the given website indicating the origin of it.

Taking into account the requirements of the time and University events, social networking profile Facebook was set up for the State Educational Institution ofKhujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov.The purpose of this page is to provide current and relevant news in the fields of education, science, innovation and international relations, as well as other aspects of the University community.

The whole University events are reflected in the newspaper “Nuri Marifat”. It has been publishing since 2000. The number of University newspaper“Nuri Marifat” hasbecome 12000.The main points of the discussed themes in the meetings of the Academic Council, the University Board and other news offaculties and departments are widelyreflected in it.Cooperation with republican, regional, local and sectorial publications "Jumhuriyat", "Narodnaya Gazeta", "Omuzgor", "Javononi Tojikiston” (Youth of Tajikistan), "Hakikati Sugd” (SughdTruth)", "Sogdiyskaya Pravda", "Sughd Hakikati" and other periodicals is organized and many materials are published and this cooperation will continue and strengthen in future.

The Information and Analysis Center also regulates the university television and radio.Presenting the most interesting materials and significant achievements of teachers and students of Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov. The information analytical program "Paiki Marifat" is produced and shown on TV "Sughd" and SM - 1 twice a month.

In order to strengthen agitation and prevent the young people from terrorist and extremist activities University's management, with the involvement of experienced teachers, has developed two working groups to analyze the most important political and social issues and some adverse global problems that may hinder our national and moral values and publish weekly scientific articles to prevent extremist groups. So University community is contributing to the media and social networks.

From November 1, 2018 there was organized a club "Power of Speech" at the University in accordance with the decision of the University Academic Council in 31.10.2018 No3. Its purpose is to increase youth knowledge and education, train qualified staff and develop students' outlook.The active, literate, broad-minded students with creative thinking and speaking skills take part in this club. They also have an ability to work with computers, the Internet and social networks, and to express themselves freely.

The members of the club gather once a week, and then the news of the faculties and departments. They submit them to the University information and analysis center, which is reflected in local and foreign Mess Media.

The head of the center, the chief specialist and the press secretary are responsible for realization of the plans and programs.