​The Scientific Research Pedagogical Institute

Contact phone number

  • 92-771-78-70
  • Бинои таълимии №2, ошёнаи 5.

The Research Pedagogical Institute under State Educational Institution, Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov was established in January 2019.Its main aimis organizing and cooperation of researches connected with the main problems in pedagogy which contribute in the development of Education and social spheres.

Besides they follow below mentioned purposes:

  • to contribute in the development of pedagogical sciences
  • strengthening of relations between science and practice, contribution in educational activities and innovational changes during the process of students` education;
  • to increase the social consequence of scientific and pedagogical activities,the social statusof science and education staff.

The main functions of the Institute are:

  • to take part in coordination of research problems in pedagogy and other subjects which are connected with the development of education and preparing future specialists;
  • to study and analyse the achievements in pedagogics and their usage for the benefit of our country, generalization and spreading theexperiences of education development of our country and abroad at the university;
  • elaboration and usage of the new technology, the ways of organizing the process of education and upbringing among pupils and students;
  • to take part in elaboration and scientific provision of the state policy in education, strategic direction, aims and programmes of the development of students` education;
  • to determine and support the young scientists;
  • to develop the joint of academic and university sciences, to provide the scientific and methodological regulationof preparing and improving pedagogical staff;
  • consolidation of scientific relations with the Academy of education in Tajikistan, Institute of education development, scientific societies (organizations), creative unions and other organizations;
  • to take part in the foundation, approbation and experiment of educational innovation;
  • relationship with the authority of the state government and local government in embodiment of state policy in the sphere of education;
  • to organize the international cooperation in the sphere of education;

Besides, there is a circle namedas “Kamoloty inson” at the Institute (head professor Sharopov Sh. A.) and educational methodological seminar “Interactive methods of education and pedagogical experiences”(head Boymatov A.B.).