​The Council of women and girls of the University

The Council of women and girls of the University is one of the social structure has an appropriate contribution in developing and perfecting of the personality of women and girls. This structure under the leading of the rector’s office implements the politics of the government on protection and with the supporting of rights and benefits of a woman and a family for the helping comprehensively promote on raising the social position of women and girls in society, to establish equal conditions for realizing their rights and benefits and providing gender equality, to raise labor activity, to enlarge the sphere of their participation in research works.

We must notice that in early years with initiative of the Council of women and girls and with supporting of the rector’s office conform the circle under the title “Culture of a family life” (Farhangi oiladori), according to plan it continues its activity for raising the role and position of women and girls in a society, to train girls in household, to prevent family quarrelling and the ways of removing the family life problems, among labor society and students.

In order to involve students to extracurricular works there organized circles under the title “Needlework” (kashidaduzi), “Knitting” (keshbofi) in all the faculties, also in the faculties of Art and technology and Tajik philology. Such circles of teaching folk craft and modern design was founded at the board of education under the title “Sehri suzan” and “Dastoni mohir”, and acts in the hostels № 1, 2 and 3.