From the history of the newspaper “Nuri marifat”

In the early twentieth century Leninabad Pedagogical Institute named after S.M. Kirov was established (now, SEI (state educational institute) Khujand State University named after academician B.Bafurov), and in a few years the newspaper "Mahorati pedagogy" was issued and has been publishing for 53 years. The former professor of KSU Alexander Zinovovich Dun made a great contribution in the first publication of the newspaper. Cooperating with the party worker A. Rahmatulloev and the newspaper worker, Kh. Naimova they tried the newspaper was an attractive source of the general public of the University. A lecturer of the Tajik Philology Faculty Ahmadjon Usmonov took an active part in the issue of the first publication of the newspaper.

Later, on January 15, 1966, Shavkat Ohunovich Ohunov was in charge of the editor. Articles were published in three languages: Tajik, Russian and Uzbek. The best reporters and activists of the newspapers who wrote scientific articles, reviews and books during that period were - U.Bafforov, B.Haidarov, H.Ochilov, S.Abdulloev, S.Marofiev, A.Abdukodirov, U.Jahonov. A. Davronov, A. Mikhailov, S. Olov, U. Ahmadova, H. Toatov and other active journalists.The theme and the content of the newspaper, is mainly devoted to the scientific and educational issues, the academic literary and creative activities of teachers and students are objectively analyzed. Students from all faculties wrote news and submitted their suggestions in the course of academic and literary circles and the university life in general.During the course of these years, several of the faculty and senior staff had worked as a chief editor. (1965-66) - A. Rahmatulloev, (1966-67) - Sh.Ohunov, (1968-69) Alijon Soliyev, (1970-72) - Sadullo Asadulloev and technical staff, Naimova Naimova and Siparka Boboeva, (from 1973 to 1975) - Abdukhrird Zohhidov, from the year 1975 from the 4th up to the 37th issue of the same year - Abdumannon Nasriddinov, from 37th up to 28th of 1976 - Abdusattor Abdukodirov, from 32nd publication of this year, until the 2nd of 1978, Mavlyuda Sharipova worked as a chief editor of the newspaper "Mahorati Pedagogi". From the 21st issue of 1978 to the present Abdullaeva Zebo Ashurovna works as a chief editor.Zebo Abdulloeva - graduated from the journalism department of the Tajik State University named after V.I. Lenin in 1973, where she worked at the journal "Mash'ali Communism" of Konibodom city until 1976 and later for family reasons in 1976 entered the library of LSPI named after S.M.Kirov in Khujand. In 1978, she was appointed chief editor of the newspaper "Mahorati Pedagogi" and has been working to this day. During this time, articles and reports in Russian were prepared by professor Alexander Zinovevich Dun, senior teacher Elsa Gavrilovna Tsoi and Dima Rotenshtein. They were the staff of the newspaper. Photographers of those years were S. Hakimov, O.Yahyoev, Igor Mazur, M.Bobochonov and Samad Gani. The newspaper "Mahorati Pedagogi" was registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan under No. 64 on March 12, 1991. Later on the Institute was renamed to University, the newspaper got a new title "Nuri Marifat" and registered on May 28, 1992, under No. 200.At that time, the newspaper was published under the auspices of the Communist Party of the Institute. The "Nuri Marifat" newspaper was published during this period in 4 pages with 2000 copies, A2, weekly.Since October 2002, the newspaper application "Payomi Donishjuy" has been published by the initiative of the journalism department until 2015.Since the 2000 to the present day, the newspaper opened ways as a journalism school for many media professionals, including the press and literature. Journalists today have been reputed to be masters of the industry in the territory of the city, the region and the republic. Active newspaper reporters were J. Latifov, A. Ochilov, S. Erkaev, N. Nurov, S. Saidov, Sh. Tojiboev and students were Mamnuri Mels, Mfhbub Nurov, Farzonai Sobirjon, Shohini Zarafshoni, Mehrangezi Akramali, Farkhundai Furqatdukht and others. In the 2000s, several young people were recruited as staff members of the newspaper. Among them were Nuraly Nurov, Bahrom Mirsaidov, Bakhtiyor Fayzulloev, Surayo Hakimova, Firuz Jumaev, and Uguloy Kositova. The "Nuri Marifat" newspaper publishes in collaboration with the university administration, including the Science and Innovation, Education, International Relations and Information and Analytical Center.The "Nuri Marifat" publishes a wide variety of topics, including in the context of the policy pursued by the Founder of Peace, the Leader of the Nation- President Emomali Rahmon reports, articles, interviews, etc are published.The newspaper is actually a free pulpit of the professors and lecturers of the University.

It should be noted that in 2014 the State Institute of Scientific Papers of KSU named after Bobojon Gafurov was established and the agenda of" Nuri Marifat "was also included. The newspaper is re-registered at the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan as number 0347 // P3. This issue has been printed from 2,000 up to 12,000 copies. During these years, the newspaper "Nuri Marifat" started its work effectively, according to the consideration of the university rector, vice president and Information Center and analyze with the cooperation of the faculty, the university public organizations. The editorial board of the newspaper on the base of a separate plan have been trying to reflect the educational and scientific achievements of teachers, young scientists, undergraduates and students. Every issue includes the articles reflecting the results of the Scientist's Council and the University Council, various activities, the circles of the faculties, Women's Council activities, Council of Veterans, living and studying conditions of the students under the Presidential quota and innovations in the University life. So, "Nuri Marifat" newspaper has been published more than 2242 copies and promotes science and education at the university, the desire for higher human ideas and supports for the political system of society. The State Scientific Journal "Nomai Donishgoh" publishes more than 12000 copies in 4 pages volume twice a month. University administration and public organizations; (\ The Newsletter is currently in the structure of the State Scientific Institution Scientific Bulletin;

Currently, the staff of the newspaper "Nuri Marifat" consists of 5 workers they are: a executive editor-Abdulloeva Zebo Ashurovna, proofreader-Olimov Alidjon, reporter-Bobonazarov Shohin Safaralievich, printer-Mirsaidov Manishvar and photographer Mansur Juraev. We hope that the "Nuri Marifat" newspaper will serve for many years to the University community.

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