​The Department of biologyand plant’sphysiology

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The Department of Botanyis сonsidered one of the first Departments at the University, which was established in 1932. It was founded after the heading of B. M. Komarov.

The Department functioned from 1932 till 1999 with the name of “The Department of Botany” and nowadays (then) it is functioning by name “The Department of botany and plant’s рhysiology”. The founder of the Botany Department was the Candidate of biological sciences Professor B. M. Komarov from 1932 till 1959, who served as the head of the department (till going to retire).

During the periodof years such masters had headed the department; the candidate of biology sciences, assotiate professor A. Otaev (1959-1979), the candidate of the agricultural sciences, assotiate professor G. A. Domishlinets (1977-1978), the candidate of biology sciences, accotiate professors O. D. Dadoboeva (1978-1982) and M. T. Tojiboev (1982-1997).

During 1997-2009 yearsthe chieves of the department were (in the shoulder of ) the Doctor of the biology sciences, professor B. Bobojonova, from 2009-2014 the candidate of the biology sciences, assotiate professorR. Sh. Hakimova and from 2014 till today above mentioned duty is in shoulder of the Candidate of the biology sciences, Associate Professor Jo. R. Homidov.

There are 11 lectureres and personal staffs in this department. There are only one Doctor of Biology, only 1 professor,3 candidates of sciences, associate professor, 1 headteacher, 2 teachers, the head of the Herbarium and 3 personal staffs. The different subjects are taught by the high qualified teachers to the students of the chairs:botany, morphology and the plant’s anatomy, the system of low degrees plants and the general phytogeny; microbiology, the plant’s physiology, biotechnology, biophysics, the biological bases of farming, the facultative subjects about the Tajikistan’s vegetation. The lecturing, laboratory and practical occupation are carried by the highly scientific and methodical levels.

During the period of 85 years a group of experts, which were the graduators of this educational center and dedicated their life for training highly qualified specialists are:B. M. Komarov, A. A. Otaev,, O. Dadoboeva,, A. S. Saidov., G. A. Domishlenets., I. T. Turaqulov.,M. T. Tojiboev and Q. Q. Nazarov.

Nowadays one of the considerable departments in the faculty is consideredthe Department of botany and the Plant’s physiology, which consists of two sectors; the Botany and the Plant’s physiology. The Assistant Professor TuraqulovI. supported valuably for preparation scientific and teaching specialists in this department. Two systematized specialists are trained under his leadership, that one of them is the head of the Herbarium plants teacher Segizboev M. F. which is working under the title “Flora and the plant’s covering of the Mongolian mountain” and the other teacher Sujunkulov H. T. which is researching under the theme ‘’Somgor mountain’s flora; Oqchop, Oqbel and Surphatog’’

The herbarium by name B. M. Komarov is organized in 1932, which is considered the main treasure of the scientific and research work, thus preserved more than 60000 models of plants which the scientists, the holders of master’s degree and the students have used them during the educational teaching.

The “Botanic” club with the “Biology’’ qualification accomplished in the department of biology,that the members of this club are the students of the 1stand the 4th courses of thebiology’s faculty.

The scientific theoretical seminar is occurred under the heading of the assistant professor Homidov Jo. R.

The speciality 03.05.01 and 03.00.05 are founded with the purpose of preparing highly qualified specialists, master’s degree andPhD in the Department of Higher Education.

More than 10 graduators of the department are honored and reached the highest levelafter defending the сandidate project and the doctor’s degree outside of the country.

The Doctor of biology sciences , the Academician of the Tajikistan’s Academy of sciencesJu. S. Nosirov,the dependent member of the Tajikistan’s Academy of Sciences M. R. Rasulova are considered as the head of the Scientific research Institute of botany in Tajikistan.

The department is cooperated and has a fruitful connection with the Scientific research Institute of botany, physiology and the genetics of plants in Tajikistan’sAcademy of Scienceswith the Botany garden of the Scientific center in Khujand.

From the 1916th year the members of the department are functioning over the prospective plan through such kinds of units;

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