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By Order of rector of the Kh.S.U. named after academician Bobojon Gafurov was established on June 12, 2015 under the № 154 (Faculty ) of programming chair. The chair prepares bachelor degree specialists on specialties 1-40 01 01 - computer information technology, 1-98 01 01 - computer security and master's degree in the specialty 1-31 03 04 information technology. At the same time, the chair has a specialty of the computer science 6D075101 computer management, which contributes to the training of a PhD degree. Currently, there are 2 candidates of sciences docent, 1 senior teacherand 8 teachers are working there. There are the following subjects are taught in chair such as fundamental programming subjects, database practices programming, Web-design, web-technologies, as well as specialties for modern programming languages and database scoring are included in curriculum.

The chair provides innovative information technology through the elective courses. There fore, the chair of disciplines as the Java , android programs of artificial intelligence, creation of cross-platform applications of modern technologies internet systems include the reliability of computer systems and networks and their information protection are included.

The scientific activity of the chair is fully implemented in accordance with the program of scientific research, the chair of teaching materials, such as complex educational materials, independent work of students, presenting the disciplines of the chair, educational technologies in the credit system of the chair are directed. At the department the methodological seminar, the student scientific club named as “Programmer”, as well as a seminar for undergraduates and PhD (scientific degree) are operated.

Members of the chair have been professional skills on international projects for several years. The participation of the members of the chair in TEMPUS PROMIS projects became the second prerequisite for the master's degree on computer Science. Participation in such projects allows teachers to undergo professional skills and to link educational experience with representatives from European and Central Asian universities.

In recent years, a number of teachers in the chair have been participated in international projects in Germany, Finland, France, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Also masters and doctors PhD students of the chair are annually sent to study in European countries under ERASMUS+ project. Bachelor degree students take an active part in the competition of innovators and inventors and take the nominate positions.

The chairis equipped with modern computer labs equipped with the necessary equipment, such as server computers, personal terminals, video projectors and interactive whiteboards with the help of these lessons are held. The computer labsadvanced learning technologies such as complete computer terminal management, single database servers and network technologies are used.