​The Department of English Phonetics and Lexicology

The Department of English Phonetics and Lexicology was formed in 1997 on the basis of the English Philology Department #1. Dotsent Nematulloeva M.N., Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor Azimova M.N., dotsent Rajabova M.M. were the head of the department for the last 15 years. Their contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists and the development of youth is great.Candidate of Science Azimova S.R. has been running the department since September2016 .

The main subjects of the department are: “English Phonetics”, “Oral and written speech”, “Theoretical Phonetics”, “English Lexicology”, “English and Tajik Phraseology” and many others. The department tries hard to prepare well-educated English teachers, the teachers use new communicative and interactive methods of teaching to enlarge students’ vocabulary and to widen their outlook. Today the teachers of the departmentlikeprofessor Azimova M.N., candidates of science Nematulloeva M.N., Azimova S.R., Ikramova M.T., senior teachers Isoeva D.H., Juraeva N.I., teachers Nabijonova Z.A., Zoidova T.A., Rajabova S.B., Quzieva Sh.K., Bobojonova M.N., Abdulloev M.M. work on different spheres of educational and upbringing process, at the same time do their research work.

Several teachers of the department used to participate in different seminars to learn new and interactive ways of teaching. Among them Azimova S.R., Nabijonova Z.A., Ibragimova M.T. participated in ETM program (English Teacher Mentor Programme) coordinated by the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan. Also, several teachers of the department were sent to the U.S.A., Great Britain and Scotland to improve their teaching qualification. Generally, for the last5 years the department has made great progress. In 2016-2017, five teachers of the department successfully defended their scientific thesis and were conferred the degree of candidate of linguistics.