​Department of Algebra and Geometry

Department of Geometry. It worked from 1975 to 1992. During this time, the department was headed by:M. Tursunov (1975-1985). Bobojonov (1985-1991). Department of Algebra and Geometry. The department of geometry is combined with the department of algebra and the theory of numbers and is called the department of algebra and geometry. The department was established after the transforming institute into a university.

During this time the department was headed by: A. Kadyrov (1983-1991, 1994-1998), А. Bobojonov (1991-1994). Solarov (1998-2005, 2006 to 2012), M. D. Dadojonova (2005-2006), Ph.D. Muzafarov (2012 - 2015). From September 2015 to April 2017, it joined the Department of Computer Science and IT and started working again in May 2017. From 1.06.2017, the head of the department was docent Tuichiev O.