​Arabic Grammar Department

Arabic Grammar Department was founded in June 2000 by Order № 65 of the rector of Khujand State University named after academician B. Gafurov. Assistant Professor N. Giyosov at the head of the department in 2000-2007 followed by

Associate Professor U. Gaforova in 2007-2008;

Assistant Professor A. Raupov in 2008;

Assistant Professor Q. Dadoboev in 2008-2011;

Assistant Professor F. Giyosova 2011-2012

Assistant Professor B. Eshonculov in 2017 up to present.

For 12 years of its existence the department has become an important integral part of the faculty. A number of lecturers, such as: Raupov A., Giyosova F., Sulaimonov O., Boltuboyev A., Hasanova M., Salimov F.Mirmuhammedov O. defended their theses during the correspondingperiod.

The members of the department have been doing research on different themes referring to the theory of Linguistics and Culture Studies. The following Assistant Professors as Eshonqulov B. Giyosov N., Giyosova F., Mirmuhammedov O., Hasanova M., senior lecturer Kuzieva N. and lecturers Hasanov I., Boltuboyev A., Nizomova S., and Dadokhujaeva R. are currently working at this department.

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