​Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection

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In 1996 after the association of Geoecology Department and General Biology and its Pedagogical methods Department took place, it was renamed into General Biology and Environmental Protection Department. In 2011, it was restored into Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection that is currently functioning. During educational –scientific and upbringing activitiesprocess some experiencedteaching stafflike Professor-advisors of theDepartmentOchilovH.G,dotcents Abdurahimov S.Ya,, Gaforov G, Karimov S.B, Homidov Y.R., Ergashboev I., Ortiqboev I. M,Gufronov M.S, Bobojonov A.N., senior teachers Hakimova H,Hujamberdiev J.T. had worked for several years. At the moment the lecturers as Sobirov M.S., Ochilova F.H.,Aminov M.H.,Amonova Z.G., TolibovYu.R.,Toshmatov B.A. and young assistants: Hakimhujaeva M.G.,Kamolova Sh.R, BoisovN.N, HaidarovaM., personnals Faisieva Sh.A, TursunovaN.A and others.

There is a special strategy scientific program which conducts special Research work on modern ecological issues such as methods of immediate disinfection of organic wastes, elimination of chemical substances impacts in agriculture and others.

At present Department Teaching Staff cooperates with some Environment Protection Institutions, Agricultural Management structures, farmlands, Consulting centers and others.

Project “Tempus” provided the Department with special Environmental Expertise Center equipments.