Department of Science and Innovation

Department of Science and Innovation regulates various scientific and research activities of the university. It was founded in 1991 after the State Pedagogical Institute was renamed to Khujand State University. First, it started its activity as the branch of research and science in 2001, in 2012 it was renamed to the Department of Scientific Research. Since 2016 it has been running its activity as the Department of Science and Innovation. During its activity it has provided the realization of the orders of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan, holding of scientific conferences, ensuring the implementation of programs related to scientific activity including the preliminary program of scientific researches, publication of scientific research works and instructional aids, training prospects of highly skilled specialists and so on. The activities of the Young Scientists Counsel and the Scientific Committee of the Students are also coordinated with the activity of the department. The regulation of scientific seminars and scientific circles of students is also the importantmatter of Department of Science and Innovation.

The most important aspect of the Department of Science and Innovation is monitoring of implementation of the Future Research Studies Program accepted once in five years and asserted by the University Scholars’ Council. Iftill 2005 more than a dozen themes were discussed by the departments and faculties, now the number has been raised to more than 75 scientific themes to determine and fulfill specific tasks in the scientific research project.

The Department organizes more than 150 scientific conferences and other scientific meetings and talks annually. International, republican and regional conferences devoted to important historical and cultural events are the main directions of the chairmanship activity.

In the last few years the structure of the Department of science and innovation has been improved too. For example, during the last two academic years under the Department of Science and Innovation two departments, the Department of training of scientific and pedagogic specialists and the Department of publication of the university, were established. Moreover, the magazine "Scientific notes" in Humanities and Natural Sciences publishes under the guidance of the Department of Science and Innovation four times a year.

The Department of Science and Innovation includes the post-graduate and doctorate department, the information technology center, the central library, scientific research institutes, technological park and so on. The department also includes the Council of Publications and the Council of Scientists Inventors working according to the asserted plan. The Scientific Community of Students is engaged to attract students of the university to scientific and innovational activities. Scientific workshops are regular in the department, which provids the conditions for the implementation of their scientific prospects.

The Center of talented studentshas been running for years and it is expected that the center will publish scientific researches of students, including translations of the students of the faculties of foreign languages and Russian philology named as "Student Award" according to the plan once a year.

Department of Science and Innovation annually performs specific tasks in the implementation of scientific projects (task issues). For example, there are six scientific projects aimed at promoting modern social and technological sciences, which are the achievements of the university. The Heads of the projects are Professor U. Gafforova, M. Mirzojunus, T. Habilov, S. Abdurahimov.

The Heads of the Department of Science were R.Ahmadov, G.H. Usmonov, T.Turdiev, N.Nurov, M.Olimjonov, S.Azamov, B.Mirsaidov, N. Dadoboeva, S.Mirzoev, and E.Rajabov from the beginning of the activity up the present days. Since August 2018 the candidate of philological science R.Abdulloev runs the Department of Science and Innovation. At the same time the specialists as M.Muhammadjonov, Z.Jarqinzoda, M.Umarova, M.Sattorova, M. Nosirova, Ф. Bahriev, D. Farmonova, M. Hafizova, F. Shamsiddinova, S. Hakimkhujaev, M.Fayziev, Rajabov B. and others contributed to the activity of the Department in different directions in different years.