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As an Independent country our Republic is in the early stage of developing democratic, legal, secular and unitary country. Therefore, further development of the country depends on the development of high levels of moral, physically and morally sound, sense of love to motherland, consciousness, law defend thriftiness, tolerance, responsibility, active and creativeness. The education of such a citizen is the duty of the family, society, country, school, institutes and universities. The aim of upbringing is to grow up the younger generation by parents, various disciplines of educational institutions and society. Up bring is aimed as a special purposeful activity of individual for developing of personality in the society and his involving to the process of real and creative life.

The aim of upbringing is the part of state policy, it is directed for benefits of state, society and each citizens. The state spreads such regulation; that supports the life and activity of human, and educates the younger generation in the spirit of national traditions with thedevelopment of modernization.

From the first days of the establishment of the department the vice Presidents were an experienced and qualified teachers as N. Zohidov,A. Bobokalonov (1999 until 2005),G. Usmonov (2005until 2010), A. Muhsinov(2010 -2012)M. Shamsiddinov, who contributed to the improvement of the University.

Since 2018 candidate of philological science R. Davlatzoda has been working as the deputy of Rector for educational work.Nowadays, the parts of activity consists of up bring department, youth organization, women organization, assembly of “Navoi Javony”, the museum of the university and social clubs “Sehri so’zan” and “Dastoni Mohir”.

From the early days of establishment of department until 2015 the chief of department were candidate of psychological sciences Abduvoris Mingboev and from April 2015 until September 2018 candidate of philosophy sciences Faridun Hodiboev. From august 2018 candidate of pedagogical sciences B. Shomirzoev has been working as a chief of department.

In this period, the direction of department activity relating with the implementation of instructions and orders of the Founder of peace and national unity, Leader of nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon according his Message to the Parliament, the Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Law of Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, orders ofthe Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan, orders of the Council of scientists and the administration of the University which is devoted to various upbringing and moral problems, are the guidance of the department activity.

Effective implementation results of strategy, conception and programs of the Republic of Tajikistan as, National Conception of Education in the Republic of Tajikistan, National Youth Economic development Program, Program of resistance of terrorism and extremism, drug addiction and other ways of keeping students away from violence informs about the direction of department activity, as: organizing educational lessons in 400 groups on various themes, students participation on landscape gardening and arrangement of green spaces, and in political and cultural activities as “Korvoni Navro’zi” regional festivals of “Atlasu adras”, “Gulduhtaroni Sug’di” and others.

For the tutors of academic groups and all the members of educational department according of fulfilling the points 2.7the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan sessions Decision from 20.06.2012 № 42/1-1 “On the implementation of the National Conception of Education on High Education Institutions” materials about 100 printed sheet with 2 books, 17 the faculties were provided by educational manuals in hard and soft copies. During 2013-2017 educational instructions under the title National Conception of Education –the guide ofyouth (кутбнамои чавонони имруза) (2013 y.– 175 p.) “To educate the sound generation” (2013 y.– 175p.) “Nation significant celebration” (2013y№2 52p.), “Construction and creation is vital task” ( 2013 y. #4, page 60), “Education starts from child’s birth” (2013 №4 p.60), “President Massage to Majlisi Oli of Republic of Tajikistan is guidance” (y. 2013 №5 p.47), “The law of language and its legislation” (y. 2014 №6 p. 92), “Roqun is the sign of light and successful future” (y. 2017 p.54), “The Massage of President is nationals guidance” (y. 2017 №16 p200), “Legal education is the factor ofstrengthening of the family society and youth” (№17 y. 2017 p.132) and others were published and are continued to be issued. The collection of educational manuals are directedthe guidance for the students and young teachers, tutors, agitators and all people who has interested to the given problem…..