Department of education quality management

The education quality management department was created by the order of the Rector of University No. 15 of 01.20.2011 based on the of monitoring and control of the quality of education department. It should be noted that at the same time with the creation of the analysis and forecasting department of the educational process in 2005 (now the Department of Education Management) the executive body of the university was abolished, and its authority were transferred to the department.

During the existence, of the department docents R. Nazarov, M. Saburov, Z. Rakhmonov, S. Yakubov, R. Juliev and M. Makhmadsheev have worked as the heads. From February 2022, docent Dadoboeva N.N. holds the position of the head of the Department of Education Quality Management. The Department of Education Quality management takes measures to organize and assess the quality of education, the organization of internal self-assessment in the structure of the university, the provision of educational and information technology, the procedure for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education, organization and conducting graduate certification, the definition of key areas (monitoring), generalizing management Reports on the results of periodic test sessions and exams and final state certificates of graduates (results of remote testing, protection of graduation, diploma and master's scientific works, state exams), developing recommendations for finding new methods of training, implementation of research work, organization of a number of scientific and methodical activities and methodological consultations to improve the quality of education, improvement of curricula, testing and controlling in the right direction of planning, checking compatibility of questionnaires and control issues on studies. It is also responsible for studying the methods of putting current tests, remote and final exams, a qualitative analysis of exam tests and giving recommendations. In order to implement state standards of education, the department monitors the specialties operating at the university, and conducts an assessment of the educational process, the quality of knowledge of students, training of specialists and other areas of the university's educational process. Management of education in the university is carried out in two directions: ensuring and development of the quality of education. The activities of the department are primarily aimed at analyzing, results and improving the quality of education which is the main direction of the quality of education.

The rapid progress of science and technology and the growing process of globalization in modern society are accompanied by considerable changes. The system of activity and new ways to communicate in the modern world require work in various educational, scientific and social spheres based on certain systems and rules, international standards. Therefore, regulatory and legal documents are the main documents and the status of various institutions and the structure of society. The collection of the provisions of the Khujand State University named after Academician Bobodjon Gafurov approved by the decision of the University, contains useful information and certain rules for the work of each Faculty and the Department of the University. In addition, the provisions play an important role in determining the activities and sustainable development of higher educational institutions. In another case, this is the presentation of various aspects of the work of institutions and departments that are used by officials to regulate their legal and economic relations. Quality assurance and strengthening of the positive parties to work is the requirement of modern society and is based on the requirements of the Charter of the institution. Therefore, the adopted provisions contribute to the timely completion of software works and targeted events. In order to strengthen the discipline in the educational process, the Department of Education Management established electronic control of the educational process in conjunction with the information center at the University faculties. The specialists of the department together with the University Information Center regularly monitor electronic control of the educational process, attendance of training teachers and students and the faculties of educational buildings 1, 2, 3, as well as faculties such as history and law, Russian philology, Uzbek philology and Physical Education. The staff of the department regularly control the attendance of teachers and students, conducting classes according to the schedule, the course of classes, the use of technical means in classes and the availability of educational materials for students.

The examination process of students in the test center is regularly monitored in electronic form. With the beginning of state certification, its move is fully controlled at the university faculties. It should be noted that today continuous electronic monitoring gives positive results.

Obviously, conducting surveys among students and teachers is a good phenomenon with which many issues of the educational process are being explored and used. Therefore, the Department of Quality Management conducts a phased survey of various issues related to the educational process, and on the basis of feedback and proposals of students, as well as teachers will develop and implement the plan of events. The education quality management department is also engaged in the development and improvement of technology for the inspection and assessment of the quality of education, ensuring compliance with the uniform requirements of state certification, conducting experiments, research and conferences on the audit and evaluation of education, participates in national and regional target programs, research and projects. It should be noted that one of the most important tasks of the education quality management department is an objective assessment of the quality of knowledge, skills and abilities of students and demonstration of their achievements in mastering science and knowledge. Therefore, the department's specialists make efforts to organize and monitor the quality of education and the requirements of the education quality management program in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan. Since monitoring examines important components and rules of management, learning, testing and verification of the results of work, educational process, etc. In order specialists in order to improve the quality of education and timely control of the education quality management department the specialists have issued a methodological manual "Recommendations for monitoring education quality" or all university faculties. The education quality management department together with the study part of the university conducts regular competitions for the following nominations: "The best lesson", "The teacher of the Year", "The Best Department", "The Best Faculty", "The Best Presentation" in order to identify teachers' rating. Therefore, according to the plan from the 2013-2014 school year to the present, these contests are held annually. In the first year of the competition "The Best Lesson" (2013-2014 school year), only 24 people took part 1 Doctor of Sciences, Professor, 16 candidates of science, associate professors, 7 senior teachers, and. In 2014-2015 academic year, a competition was organized and held among teachers for the title "The teacher of the Year." During this period, more than 60 teachers took part in the competition. Under the terms of the competition, the presentation of disciplines, the quality of textbooks and textbooks on the subject, the quality of examination materials were estimated: tests, questionnaires, student participation in the Olympiads and subject Olympiads, regional, republican, international and their results. It is very important to organize and conduct these contests to determine the professional abilities of teachers, checking the level of knowledge of their students, the search for young talents, the propaganda of new teaching methods among teachers. In order to implement the main points of the Message of the founder of the world and national unity - the leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rakhmon in honor of the Year of Youth, the University Competition "The teacher of the Year" was organized in the second half of 2016-2017. The main purpose of which was to increase the level of competence, advanced training of young teachers, the effective use of existing educational opportunities and improving the quality of education. The competition was carried out at three levels - at the faculty level and two university levels. In the first round of the competition, all young teachers of the faculties took part, and the best ones received a ticket to the final tour. 14 young teachers took part in the final tour, whose classes were estimated by the jury. With the support of the University Rector, professor Jamshed Jurazoda, the materials of the participants of the "The teacher of the Year - 2017" contest, which was dedicated to the "The Year of Youth" and the 85th anniversary of the Khujand State University named after Bobodjon Gafurov were published. The book contains brief information about the educational and scientific process, the achievements and educational articles of young teachers who participated in the competition. At the initiative of the education quality management department and with the full support of the University's Rector in 2017, the program "Development of the quality of education" was launched, the main tasks of which are improving the quality of education, compliance with modern requirements, the use of active learning methods, increase the involvement of students and expanding their self-education, professional training specialists. The competition is carried out at the proper level, in accordance with the terms of which a thorough check of documents of the Department, educational materials of teachers and the quality of their lessons are carried out, winners are revealed and their work is used as a tool on other departments. The specialists of the department also pay special attention to the organization and conduct of meetings and training seminars on topical topics of improving the quality of education. Such events are held two or three times a year according to the plan. Today, several university seminars are held on the topic "Improving the quality of theoretical and practical training in the credit system of training", "Ways to improve the quality of education, taking into account modern requirements", "Credit system of education: Independent work student and its quality", "Raising Quality of educational programs","Improving the quality of laboratory classes in the credit system of training","The use of electronic boards in lessons","Modern technologies in the educational process","Remote Education System","Instructions for independent work of students","level requirements and the quality of tests in the credit system of education", "On the compilation of training packages and silibuses","Modern methods of conducting lessons in the educational process - a factor in improving the quality of education "(2019), and etc. Currently, the department is at the second stage of the implementation of the "Development Quality Development Concept", which in 2021 with the support and under the guidance of professor Jurazoda Jamshed Khabibullo was developed by specialists of the department. The concept of development of the quality of education is a software document that contributes to a gradual increase in the level and quality of education in the university. The concept of the development of the quality of education determines and provides unified policies to the university to improve the level and quality of education, establishes a set of requirements for the corresponding level of education. The purpose of the concept is compliance with the requirements of international standards, the level and quality of education and quality of training. In general, the activities of the department from the first days of existence were carried out in two directions - the introduction of effective methods of learning and improving its quality. For Improving the quality of education and training of professional teachers the specialists of the department consider their professional mission and send all their intellectual efforts to effectively conduct the process of preparing and upbringing talented teachers.