​Board of work with the young people (generation)

Board of work with the young people was founded for the aim (goal) of using efficiently the political state of the young people, the care and material encouragement of young people, bringing up them at the spirit of patriot, national pride and attracting them to the actions of propaganda and warning all criminality and breaches.

The organization of the traditional Spartacus games of the students of the Khujand State University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov is a high acknowledgment between the teachers and the students according 10 types of sport, a base of the circle of propaganda of the young people named “Cogitation”, attracting the young teachers and capable, talented students and participants of the young people at the actions of political, cultural, scientific, educational and general sport on the surface of town, region and republic.

A team of gaiety and cute students in 2016 at the regional competition, the gaiety and cute sport players of the university took the first place that it was an achievement and the result of activity of work with the young people at the university according different kind of sport between the high and secondary institutions of regional and republician.