​The Department of Informational technology in economics

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The department of informational technology in economics is based on the University Rector’s order № 154 from 12.06.2015. There are 7 teachers in the department and 3 of them are candidate of science, docents, 1 of them is a senior teacher and 3 of them are assistant teachers.

The department trains specialists according to the following specialties: economical cybernetics, automaticity of summation system, calculation and elaboration of financial and commercial information, economical information.

The perspective program of the research scientific work for 2016-2020 is on the theme “Complex elaboration manual for the unified education of department subjects”.There are 27 subjects and all of them are taught in educational, practicaland laboratory lessons. All the classrooms of the department are equipped with modern technology.

Due to the technology the teachers are able to control the students’ activity from their own place. The teachers of department finished the development course in teaching in Tajikistan and out of it. Docent M.I.Nuriddinov completed the TEMPUS program in Technical Lublin University of Poland for teaching Project Controlling. Last three months 12 textbooks and manual, 50 scientific articles were published by the teachers of the department.

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