​Chair for theory and practice of English

Teaching stuff/ Members of the chair. English Theory and Practice Chair was founded in 1998-1999 academic year. Mulkidjanan A.G. was the first head of the chair. Later Pivovarova N.P. was appointed as the Head of the chair. Mulkidjanan A.G., PivovarovaN.P., Abdulloeva M.A. were the former heads of the given department. Yusupova M.A. is the head of the chair now. Docent Yusupova M.A., Bobohojaeva M.A., Rajabova M.M., senior teachers Haidarova F.U., Sidikova M.A., Abdukarimova F.Sh., teacher Muminova Sh.M. are the teaching stuff of the chair givingknowledge and they are in charge for education for students.

For recent years the chair has achieved some success in the field of science and education. The members of the chair have published some monographs, textbooks, articles and handouts. Under Usmonov’s supervision, Sidikova M.A., Oripova M.H. under professor Jamshedov’s supervision successfully have defended their candidate dissertations. Post-graduate Abdukarimova F.Sh. is working over her dissertation and is going to defend it in nearest future and she is sure to join the list of young scientists. It should be mentioned that the teaching stuff constantly take an active in the international projects like “Tempus FLEPP”. Docent Abdulloeva M.A., had scientific research work of participant of USA embassy Grants and provided the chair by necessary books. The teaching stuff of the chair takes part at the Republic and University conference and meetings. They make reports on different subjects. There is English and American literature club, where students get information about English poets and writer s. Usually they make reports on different topic about creative activity of English and American writers and poets.