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Teaching of General History began from the first years when Department of History was established. Nearly all the teachers of General History were Russian, so the local bright youth helped them as interpreters and henceforth were involved as teachers of history. Those years one department – Department of History assumed for training teachers of history (training teachers of history laid on one department – Department of History). The first chiefs of the department were professors E.P. Pupirskiy (from 1941-1943) – specialist in history of feudalism, M.E. Berkovich (from 1943-1946) – specialist in history of middle age, Barak Mikhaylovna Bronislava (from 1941-1944) – specialist in history of USSR, who did a lot to organize educational work in the Leninabad state teachers training Institute. Those years professors who were sent to Leninabad from universities and scientific centers in the period of Patriotic War taught different subjects on history: the history of ancient world – B.M. Hrenader, the history of middle age – M.E. Berkovich, the new history of European countries and America – S.Z. Martirosov, the new history of Asian and African countries – R.B. Hrenader and others.

In 50-60s before the separate department was established the subject of general history was taught by highly skilled local specialists as professors of science Sultonov Shukur Mulloboevich, Ruziev Turgun, Kodirov Abdumajid, Akramov Narimon Mansurovich, Okhunov Shavkat Mahmudovich, Dustmatov Abdumajid, senior teachers Alimatov Abdullo, Karimov Umar, Soliev Alijon, Otaev Salohiddin, Shahobiddinov Kamoliddin, Ishoki Mubashir Bashirkhonovich.

Based on the order of Ministry of Science of Tajikistan SSR on the 10th of June 1977 a new department - Department of General History was established where the following subjects were taught:

the history of ancient world; the history of middle age; the new and newest history of European countries and America; the new history of Asian and African countries; historiography of the new and the newest history; special courses (according to the decision of academic council), scientific work and tests on general history.

The highly skilled professors as Sh. A. Ahmadov, D. Dehkonov, senior teachers S. Otaev, K. Shahobiddinov, A. Bobokalonov, teachers J. G. Gulbekov, A. Usupov worked in the new established department.

A well-known scientist Sh. A. Ahmadov contributed a lot to organize the department and train highly skilled teachers, he ran the department as a chief for 10 years (1977-1987).

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