​The department of history, theory and methods of teaching music named after Professor Hakimov N. G’.

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In 1993 two independent departments were existed: The Department of History and Eastern Music andDepartment of Modern Music Art. These two departments were united in 1996. Since 2012 it effects as the Department of History and Theory of Music. During the functioning of the Department following teachers occupied the position of the head of the Department: associate professor F. Ulmasov (1993-94), senior teacher B. Saidkarimov (1994-1998), candidate of Art Science S. Khudoyberdiev (1998-2004), senior teacher A. Sultonova (2004-2007), professor N.Hakimov (2007-2009), candidate of History Science, associate professor R. Aminjonov (2009-2012),candidate of History Science, associate professor B. Saidkarimov (2012-2018), candidate of Art Science professorKhudoyberdiev S. (since 2018). From 1993 till 2003 in the Department functioned special subjects as musicology- oriental studies and acting European Art with special accompaniment section and academic singing.

In the Department experts in music science specialty and conduct general specialties of music sectionlessons of the faculty are trained.

In the Department of History, Theory and Practiceof Teaching Music named after professor Hakimov N.G. researchers of Tajik musiccandidate of Art Science, professor Khudoyberdiev S., candidate of History Science, associate professor AminjonovR.N.,candidate of History Science, associate professor Saidkarimov B., senior teachers Umarova Kh.H., Hamdamova N.G. and others are employed.

The activity of the mentioned Department are directed at training of History and Theory of Music specialists. Onscientists’ part of this Department were published scientific monographs, books and educational instructions, that take an important place in prosperity of Tajik musicology. In 2003 on professor Hakimov N.G.’s initiative in Isfara was organized international symposium “Shashmaqom”. Teachers of the Department Hakimov N.G., Khudoyberdiev S. constantly take part in republican, international scientific- cultural events and make statement with their articles. In home periodical press and scientific journals gradually publish teacher’s articles of the Department.

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