​The department of multi network system of telecommunication

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The department of multi network system of telecommunication.First the department was formed with the suggestion of Scientific of Institute of management of computer technology on the basis of the decision of Scientific Council of KhujandState University named after academician Bobojon Gafurov with the order of Rector of University№ 109 fromthe 23 rd of September, 2003. Its name was the department of telecommunication and radio electronics.

Then with the decision of University Scientific Council from September 28th, 2017, it was renamed to multi networksystem of telecommunication taking into considerationthe referring subjects of the department. This department trains the specialists according to the specialty 1 – 45 0101- “Multi network system of Telecommunication”.There are two candidates of technicalscience and candidates of pedagogical Science, docents, two senior teachers and five teachers. They teach 37 subjects, including practical and laboratory lessons.

There are such kind of laboratories as “Communication Systems” and “The system of information transmission” and where a number of commentators i.e. equipment as using sector SSS, BS and mobile communicator BSC, equipment and SIEMENS HUAWEI materials are placed. The company of “Indigo Tajikistan” made a gift of 24 accumulators with the power of 48 volt and several equipment of telecommunication sphere. These equipment’s were for supplying the electrical energy. In these laboratories the students of multi networking system of telecommunication specialty have such kind of subjects as the Basis of Telecommunication,MultifunctionalSystemof networking Connection, Telecommunication and network, Digital Communication system, the Basis of Diagnostic Telecommunication System, local network, Controlling System of News available network, Informative Connection Service, Designing the Telecommunication systems, Network News availability. The students study and have technological practice with those equipments.

More than 150 scientific articles and 30 educational and methodological manuals are published by the teachers of the department. The teachers are always trying to train the advanced specialists who meet the requirements and make contribution for the economic development of our country. Nowadays, the graduates of the faculty of telecommunication and information technology work in different spheres of the economics and they are contributing for the development and prosperity of our country.