​Public and professional pedagogy department

Public and professional pedagogy department put into effect its existence on September 1989 as the department of teaching primary pedagogy and psychology. Then it changed its name into the department of personal profession of pedagogy and psychology in 2007 year. Until its existence these subjects i.e. pedagogy and psychology were taught by the teachers of the department of pedagogy and method of primary teaching.

Since the date of establishment of the faculty (1958 year) andtill the establishment of the department (September, 1989) pedagogy and psychology was taught by A.Toshmatov (19958-1996), M. Akhmedov (1958-1975), R.Ashurov (1970-1980), M.Zufarova (1970-1980), M.Homidov (1970 till nowadays), H.Iskandarova (1970-2010), A.Nabiyev (1976-1981), M.R.Hojiyeva (1976 till nowadays), Sh.Sharopov (1975 till nowadays). The first chairman of the department was docent Shavkat Sharopov and the members of the family were docent Muqim Homidov, senior M.Hojiyeva, M.Mukhtorova, M.Mavlonova. As the academic hours of the department increased, it caused to the additional staff: Seniors H.Iskandarova, R.Rahmonov, docent A.Karimjonov. In 1990-1996 the head of the department became the candidate of pedagogical science, docent M.Homidov. Since April 1996 till December 1998 the head of the department was professor of pedagogical science Sh.Sharopov. Then from December 1998 till November 2005 docent H.M.Saburov had occupied this position. Docent H.Iskandarova was the head of the department from November 2005 till February 2008. So, the department was under the control of Sharopov Sh.A. (February 2008-September 2010), docent Abdulfayzova S.N. (September 2010-September 2011), Professor Saburov H.M. (September 2011-July 2015) docent S.Kh. Elmurodova (October 2015 – present time).

During its function the department made a great contribution in the field of science. The staff of the department proved their research works in these datas Sh.A.Sharopov dissertation in 1983 and doctoral dissertation in 1996, M.Homidovin 1983, B.B.Latipov in 1996, Kh.M.Saburovin 1997 dissertation and in 2014 doctoral dissertation, H.Iskandarova in 1998, Z.P.Rahmonov in 2002, S.N.Abdulfayzova in 2007, S.Kh.Elmurodova in 2010, D.Z.Rahmonova in 2013, P.S.Nematov in 2013.

Today the staff of the department is: 2 doctors, professors, 6 candidates of science, docents and 2 seniors, 2 assistants. In 1991-1998 there established another department by name pedagogy and psychology of infants and defect ology and in educating these specialties the role of this department is great. The graduates of this specialty work in different spheres, such as special boarding schools, regional policlinics and teachers.

Under the supervision of docent Z.P.Rahmonov there was established distinguished classes in boarding school of Khujand town and the classes were conducted with special methods. Z.P.Rahmonov organized a study of methods of deaf and hard-hearing, so he had his practical classes there. The progress and development of educational-methodic and scientific parts are in the center of the department’s attention.All the aspects of the activities are done according to the confirmed programme of the department. According to the curriculum some pedagogical subjects and special seminars and courses (more than 25 subjects) are taught to primary education, pre-school pedagogy, and practical psychology and oligophrenolopedagogy specialties by the teachers of this department. In order to provide the students with the academic book the teachers of the department published on more than 10 subjects in Tajik, Uzbek languagesin 2002 and all the manuals are available to the students. Professor Sh.A.Sharopov, docent s M.Homidov, Z.P.Rahmonov, Kh.M.Saburov, S.N.Abdulfayzova, S.Kh.Elmurodova, seniors M.R.Hojiyeva, G.G.Hoshimova published a lot of academic books and manuals. The manuals for defected children made by docent Z.P.Rahmonov is the effective result for the teachers.

In teaching and showing the weak points of the profession the teachers published the special books and scientific-methodic one.They published more than 150 lists of different materials dedicated to the majors of the faculty and they are widely used both by the students and teachers. The members of the department also take part in international, republican, University conferences with their reports. For example, some teachers of the department like Sh.A.Sharopov, Kh.M.Saburov, Z.P.Rahmonov , M.Mukhtorova , S.N.Abdulfayzova, S.Kh.Elmurodova, D.Z.Rahmonova took part in republican and international conferences and they learnedthe use of new methods and modern technology. There are a number of scientific clubs for post-graduates, researchers and students.S.Kh.Elmurodova and the candidates of pedagogical sciences P.S.Nematov are the leaders of these clubs. The attention of the department in educating the young and skillful teachers is great. Last years the talented graduates as Sh.I.Kuchiboyev, P.S.Nematov, G.G.Hoshimova, Z.Rajabova became the members of the department. Assistants Sh.I.Kuchiboyev, G.G.Hoshimova have chosen their research themes and now they are collecting materials. Today, there are 2 post-graduates, 30 researchers who are busy with the science. This department has a close relation with other educational institutions as National University of Republic of Tajikistan, Pedagogical State University named after Sadriddin Ayni, The Academy of Education of Tajikistan, branch of the state institution of raising the qualification the workers of educational sphere in Sughd region. The staff of the department does its best in educating the qualified specialists. From 2016-2017 academic year paying attention to the efforts of the department, they called the department as public and professional pedagogy department.

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