​Department of Uzbek literature and its study methods

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Department of Uzbek literature and its study methods as one of the new established departments of university is established by the decision of Scientists Council of university in September 2018. After development of relations with the Republic of Uzbekistan, conducting international conferences in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and increase of the number of student from neighboring countries Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan, it raised necessity of this department establishment.

Member of department Abdukodirov Abdusalom – Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor, Ph.D. in philological science, associate professors Egamberdi Mavlonberdiev, Yusufali Shonazarov, Mavlonberdi Suyunov, Bakhtiyor Faizulloev, Abdusamad Ermuhammedov, Munavvara Oimatova and Olimjon Abdulloev. Each department teacher is engaged in study of Uzbek literature and literary relations issues of Tajik and Uzbek literature and language.

There are two Master’s degree programs in two specialties (Arabic – Tajik and Persian) and currently 35 students are studying in it. Students are studying in doctoral program as well. Scientists of the faculty have scientific relations with domestic and foreign institutions and scientific centers. Teachers of the faculty are enhancing their knowledge level in foreign countries, including Russian Federation, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Great Britain, India, China, Turkey and other.

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