​The Department of German language

The Department of the German language was established in 1965, where first teachers of the department Biryukov V.A., Kositina I.F, Rekhina M.V., Gulyaikhin N.V., Lashenko L.V., Smagina R.I. put their contribution. In 1970-80, the members of the department worked hard to increase the efficiency of the education process, implement advanced technology of foreign languages, using of educational programs for national groups, compilation of educational and methodological textbooks, collect and use effective teaching and methodological literatureswhich were directed towards the educational process.

These years, the department’s scientific and research powerwas also enriched: Professors of the department Margaryan A.A. (1971-74 years), Biryukov V.A. (1972-75 years) and Sharipov A.Sh. (1980-83years) studied the postgraduate courses at the Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages named after Maurice Therese in Moscow (now Moscow's Linguistic University) and successfully defended their candidate's theses. They are considered the first German scientists of German language.

From the beginning of its foundation, the department is led by the teachers of the department as Cositsina I.F. (1966-1971), Justus S.A. (1971-1973), Nurmagambetov E.N. (1973-1975), Lashenko L.V. (1975-1976), Biryukov V.A. (1965-1966; 1976-1986), Sharipov A.Sh. (1986-2008), Sulaymonova M.A. (2008-2013) and nowadays Saidov M.M. (from april 2013 until now). For recent years members of the department such asassociate professor Sulaimonova M.A., senior teachers Saidov M.M., Gaforova F.A., Akmedova Z.D., Gaforova M.H., Olimova F.A. participated in the training courses improving their skills and knowledge at the Gétée Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. During the last few years the department of German language has cooperating with the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) and German universities and research centers as the Herder Institute of Leipzig Institute, Yana University named after Friedrich Schiller, Berlin University named after Humboldt, University of Dusseldorf-Essen.

From the beginning of the 90-th of the last century, the department of German language has a close scientific relationship both with the German Embassy in Dushanbe and the German Universities in Germany. Due to this cooperation every year 3-4 students of the 3rdand 4th years have a wide opportunity to improve their knowledge and to learn the ways of life and culture of the German people, with the cities and cultural centers of this country.

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