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The department of Traditional Tajik Music was founded in 1993. At that time its namewasClassicalmusic artdepartment.The candidate of Art sciences,Professor Sultonali Khudoiberdievwasthehead of the departmentduring 1993-1997.During some years in 1997-2002 senior teacher A. Botirov, 2002-2007 seniorteacher V.Mulloev were the head of the department.And docent Ubaidulloev S. was the head of the department during 2007-2015.Two different departments were formedon the basis of theformerMusic and art department in 2012.The department ofClassical Music (the head of the department is Ubaidulloev S.)and National musicartdepartment (the head or the department isKhudoiberdiev S.).Later in 2015 these two departments werejoined togetherant it was named the department of Traditional Tajik music.Boturov Ahror was appointed as the head of the department.The department trains specialists on national sing songsand national music creation.

Thedepartment ofTraditionalTajik musicmade great contribution in therevivalanddevelopmentin theartsingingandinthe historyofnewperiod of Tajikistan.Prominent Tajikartists as Boimuhammad Niyozov,Distinguishednational song singers asMarufkhuja Bahodurov, Abdurahim Shermatovworked there in different times.They madegreat influence intraining and education of young generation in the sphere of respecting classical music and art.The followers of thoseprominent artistsare still going on their traditions andthe great heritage, which waseducatedby these greatteachers. Professor Boimuhammad Niyozov was the leader of traditional singers’ ensemble.He trainedtraditional and classical Tajik songs as Shashmaqom «Saharbori Dugoh», «TalqiniChorgoh», «Saharbori Navo»and othersto hisfollowers.He trained the students and worked in this department till the end of his life.

Marufkhuja Bahodurovworked at the given department, trained musical skills of studentsand made great contributionin improving their knowledge.TodayNational Singer of Tajikistan, professorAbdurahim Shermatov,Prominentartistof Republic of Tajikistan docent Yusuf Bobojonov,docents- Ubaidulloev S.,A. Boturov, seniorteachers Omonboeva N.,Solieva S., Norbadalov S., Davlatov B., Ikromov A., Shamsiev M.,M. Bahridiin teachers Sattorov A., Okulovand othersareworking in the department.

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