​The department of human studies and bibliology

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This department adopted in 1993. The head of the department were Eshonov A. (1996-1997), Sultonova A. (1997-1999), Abulov F.H. (1999-2003), and from 2017 candidate of historical scienceis Saidkarimov B. headed.

The candidate of philological science Mahmadshoev M.M., candidate of pedagogy science Raftor Izzatulloev, senior teachers Sultonova A. J., Abulov F.H., Melikboeva D.Y., Raupova Q.O. had been doing their research works. The members of the department are: candidate of historical science Farmonova D. J. senior teachersManonova M., Karimov M., Soidjonov N. teachers Anorboev F., Dadoboev F., Muratova M., Hakimova M., Ahmedov A. and others are working there.

Monographs and manuals were published by the teachers of the department.

It has been 3 years since the students study the library science and bibliology. There has been good collaboration with the regional library named after Toshho’ja Asiry.

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