​English Language Department

English Language Department was reorganized as a self-sufficient unit of the Oriental Languages Faculty in 2011. It was founded as the Department of English at Foreign Languages Faculty of Khujand State University in 2005 and senior lecturer N. Toshmatova was appointed as the chairperson and held the office till 2011. Assistant Professor Ibragimova R. took up the post of the head of the department from 2011 to 2012. Senior lecturer Hodiboev T. was in charge of the department in 2012- 2015. The English Language Department has been functioning under the guidance of Assistant Professor Rashidova D. since 2015 up to present.

Assistant Professor Rashidova D., lecturers Toshmatova N., Hodiboev T., Sodikova R., Aminjonova R., Samadova S., Yuldosheva M., instructors Rizoeva P., Bobokalonova P., Ashrapov B., Hodiboeva A.,Mamajonova N., Turaeva G., Karimzoda Sh. are in the teaching staff of the department. They have actively participated in various international programs, such as MENTOR program (USA), GFDP (USA), Erasmus Mundus and others. The outcomes of their work are published as articles, monographs and manuals.

The students are studying two languages Arabic and English, Farsi and English, Chinese and English. English is their second major.