​Department of environmental geology and study methods

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This department was established in 14.06.2011 by the decision of University Scientists Board and PhD in Pedagogy – Dadoboeva N.N. was appointed as the head of this department. PhD and associate professors – Saidova M.R., Hojiboev H, Dadoboeva N.N., head teacher Okhunova S. and interns Umarova Z, Dadoboev M. were included in department staff. At present young specialist PhD in geography – Gufronov D.N. is managing the department, members of department , specialists meet the environmental geology major, doctors of geography science, professor Rakhimov A.I., associate professors Bobojonov A.N., Dadoboeva N.N., head teachers Okhunova S.A., Dadoboev M.A., teachers Umarova Z.Sh, Umarova M.A., Tilloev N.K. are prepared programs and study and methodical tools on geography study method, modern techniques of study results assessment, school geography, country study, environmental geology, basics of environmental geology and nature protection, anthropogenic and technogeneous natural surroundings protection, teaching, working and field internship, and contributed on their preparation.