​Faculty of History and Law

Faculty of History is almost at the sameage with University, starting its activity in1933 as the Department of History and Economics it was transformed into the Faculty of History in 1936. Here after the Department of History was included into the Faculty of history and philology and its first teachers were M.Y. Berkovich, Y.P. Putirsky, B.M. Grennader, M.Struminsky, A.Y. Madji, N.P. Pavlov, the first Tajik teachers were M.Mirmulloyev, U.Karimov, M. Yunusov , D.Hamroyev,H. Jarqinzoda and others.

In the 50th talented professionals, like G. Haydarov, Sh. Ohunov, M. Iskandarov, Sh. Sultonov, Sh. Ahmedov, C. Abdulloyev, U. Ismoilov, T.Yusufov, Sh. Normatov, S. Otayev, K. Shahobiddinov and in 60-70th S. Marofiyev, N.Tursunov, D. Dehkonov, U. Jahonov, UGafforov, I. Erkaboyev, M. Ishoqi, A. Bobokalonov, .D. Gulbekov, M. Jurayev J, Homidov A, Yusufov A, S. Erkayev and othersjoined the staff of the faculty. In 80-90th famous scientists, professors N.Akramov, U. Pulodov, M. Fayzulloyev,H.Akramova, A. Qodirov, M. Inomov, who worked at universities and institutes ofDushanbe, started their activity at the faculty.In March 1987 the Department of history became an independent faculty. The firsthead of the faculty was a well-known Tajik scientist, doctor of history sciences AbdulloyevS., whohereafter became the rector of the university. Within the yearsof his leadership (1987-1992) the number of teachers and students increased and new departments likethe Department of ancient Tajik history of the middle century, the Departments of newTajik history and the Department of foreign countries history wereorganized. Later S. Abdulloyev`s works were continued by his followersas M. Inomov,M. Fayzulloyev , A. Bobokalonov and U. Gafforov, H.Toatov, F.Homidov, O. Mahmudov, Sh. Sharifov, N. Mahmudova. From September 27, 2018candidate of history sciences, docent Jabborov I.R. became the dean of faculty.

In the course of its existence thousands of highly qualified specialists graduated from the faculty and made contribution to the development and growth of Tajikistan. Faculty is proud of its graduators and statesmen like – Abdulahad Qahhorov, Rifat Hojiyev, Qodir Habilov, Ahmadjon Sharofov, well-known diplomats Yaqub Islomov, Abdulakim Qayumov, great scientists- academician Numon Nematov, doctors of history science, professors Gafur Haydarov, Habibullo Holjurayev, Ibrohim Obidov, Shukur Sultonov, Abduhamid Jalilov, Temur Karimov, Sharifjon Ahmedov, Muzaffar Iskandarov, Nazirjon Tursunov, Burhon Rizoyev, Maqsudjon Inomov, Jamshed Jurazoda, Osim Karimov, Furqat Homidov. The graduator of the faculty professor Abdulloyev S.A. was the head of our University for many years and now another graduator of the facultyprofessorJ. Jurazoda is the rector of the university. Theformerrector of Tajik State University ofLaw, Business and Politics professorO.Karimov was also the graduator of facultyand nowadays he is the head of Department of Education of Sughd region.

The faculty ofHistory is proud of its professors as S. Abdulloyev, U.Gafforov, B. Rizoyev and docent A. Bobokalonov who were elected as members of Majlisi Milli and delegacy Majlisi Namoyandagon ofMajlisi Olii Tajikistan and they made contribution for improvement of legislation ofthe country. Due to the initiative of the rector of the university, professor S.Abdulloyev organized thesis of council on specialitty07-00-02-TheHistory of homeland ( the historical sciences) with the aim of preparing highly qualified stuffin 1997for the first time in the history of university for the candidates and at the period of its activity 39 post graduates and researcher workers defended their thesis.

In the 1996-1997 the Department of Law was organized at the faculty of history and hereafter it became faculty of law. The faculty of law was joined with the faculty of history in 2008-2009academic year and it was renamed into faculty of history and law. There are 5 departments – department of History of countryand archeology (head of the department, candidate of history sciences, docent J. Isomatdinov ), General history (head of the department, doctor of history, professor I.Mamadaliyev), History of Tajik People (head of the department, candidate of history sciences, docent N. Rahimov ), Department of Law (the head of the departmentcandidate of Law, docent O.Mahmudov) and Museum of Archeology, Conference hallnamed after professor Gafur Haydarovand 2 computer classrooms at the faculty.

At the beginning of the formation of thefacultyin 1936-1937 academic year there wereonly 19 students , nowadays1481 students are studying full time and part time on 1-020101-history, 1-020102history – and law, 1-210301-02-history – archeologist specialties. Besides there are post- graduate students and research workers on 07.00.02-History of Country (history science), Master’s degree on 1-020101-History, doctorof Philosophy (PHD) on 6D020300- History specialties.

There are 9 doctors of science at the faculty and two of them are candidates of science – professors, 20 candidates of science, 8 Senior teachers, 17 teachers who are engaged in educational process. Well-known scientistswho teach students areprofessors N.Tursunov, A.Nurboboev, V.Nabiev, J.Jurazoda, N.Rahimov, I.Mamadaliev, U.Jahonov, U.Gafforov, T. Pochomuloev, A. Rahimatulloev, docentsD. Gubekov, M.Faizulloev, S.Erkaev, T. Nazarov, N. Mahmudova, Sh. Sharipov, A.Usmonov, M.Rahmatova, O.Mahmudov, A.Ayubov, I. Jabborov,D. Farmonova, N.Ikromov, candidates of science, senior teachers N.Taqirov, Sh. Hoshimova, A.Homidov, M.Turaev, experienced teachers N. Rofieva, D. Samadova, G.Gafurova, M.Gaibulloeva, A.Boboev, N.Shukurov and others.

The contribution of the history and law faculty historians in growth and development of Tajik history is extremely great. In 60-70th years of the last century scientificschool teaching history and culture of Tajik peoplein 20th century at the head of the first Doctor of Science of our University,rejoice professor G. Haidarov was formed. A mature disciple ofG. Haidarov professor S.Abdulloev engaged a special place with his works about the history of high schools and books such as “Ismoili Somoni”, “Amironi Somoni ”, “Somoniyon’s culture”, “Georaphy of Somoniyon’s history” and others, in tajik historiography . The other followers A. Bobokalonov, H. Toatov, J. Gulbekov, S. Erkaev, J. Homidov, N. Mahmudov, Sh. Sharifov, M. Rahmatova and others contributed in researching history and culture of public schools and education of Tajik people in 20 century.

A well known historian professor Usmonjon Gafforov who is one of the productive scientists ofthe Republic of Tajikistan has written more than 80 books, 250 scientific articles, more than 800 scientific – social articles about history andculture of Tajik people, about their life and activities. The faculty ofHistory ofKhujand state University named after academician B. Gafurov is proud of academicanN. Nematov, professor’s U. Pulotov, N. Tursunov, A. Nurboboev, B. Nabiev, S. Marofiev, N. Rahimov, associate professors U. Jahonov, M. Faizulloev, Sh. Sharifovwho made a great contribution on archeological and ethnographic studies. The faculty of History and law does all its best in preparinghighly qualified specialists. Now almost 20 post graduates and researchers, three doctors ofPhD, 21 masters are busy with research thesis.