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Khuramshahr Sport Complex

Khuramshahr, a sport–complex of KSU, is the result of creative, constructive policy and the appreciation and traditional continuation of the ancestors’ constructing and rehabilitating attitude that a rough piece of land, lack of water and plants, was developed into a fragrant flower–garden and the Center of beauty and joy of youth.
The intention and idea of establishment of the sport and recreation Center conceived during the 70th anniversary of the University. The aim of establishment of this Center was to provide favorable condition and environment for moral and physical education and development of students. This favorable intention was actually an endeavor to follow the implementation of the policy of the president of the republic, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon who said that “healthy youth is the health of the nation” and considered it “the important obligation to involve youth in sports and physical training, to grow them strong and healthy.”
Following this regulation and provisions of the Head of the country, building works had begun with strong efforts and will of the University staff in September 29, 2002.
Because of the rough and bare area of the future Center, two difficult undertakings were ranked first in priority.
The first was to establish a sewer to supply the Center with water;
The second was to flat the rough area and to remove rocks out of the building area.
By the efforts of the specialists of water supply system a sewer of 150 metres deep was completed within three months. The quality and the volume of water coming out of the water-pipe was enough to serve the sport-complex.
The project of the object envisages construction of the main sports square, tennis courts, volley – ball, basketball and handball fields, fountains and lawns on seven hectares area. Our teachers and students took an active part in the building process along with the builders.
Every member of our University considered his duty to participate in the process of building. The staff had been inspired by the feeling of patriotism and devotion to do majority of work by Hashar (collective voluntary activity).
It was their efforts, wish and unity that helped the building works to be finished in a very short time and to turn the desert into green park and cultural centre of recreation for the youth.
Personally the president of our country E.Rahmon, and the Government supported the initiative of building the Center. He contributed 100 thousand somoni to finish the building works in time. This initiative of the leader intensified the speed of the building process and inspired all the builders, students and teachers to do their best.
The flowers and the lawns had been planted on the area covering the eight thousand square meters. A row of fountains at 120m length was built. The main stadium has 2500 and the tennis court 400 seats. The area of 5000 meters inside the Center was asphalted. Three hundred tons of cement was utilized for the construction of this object.
Today Khurramshahr is famous for its diverse fragrant flowers, green trees and favorable sport facilities.

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