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The Library of KSU

The library of KSU is one of the biggest libraries among the Sughd region university libraries. It was founded on November, 1932. Home publications like books, periodicals, the important central and other home publications are stored in it.

The library has a rich resource on home and foreign literature regarding important fields of knowledge and regularly increases its resource due to foreign and home publications.

The library of KSU had 27 books in 1932, 382 books in 1933, 11578 books in 1934, 23517 books in 1941, 61736 books in 1953, 185319 books in 1972, 320000 books in 1982, 311119 books in 1980 and today the number of books has increased to 5033334. The fund of the library is rich with diverse literature of all subjects: public and political, collections of home and foreign classics, scientific publications, academic books, fiction and poetry volumes etc.

The number of library employees has also been regularly increasing: in 1948 – 3 librarians, in 1958 – 9 librarians, in 1968 – 20 (after establishing the departments), in 1978 – 29 and in 1982 – 32 librarians.

There are the following departments in the library:

  • The department of main resources and subscriptions;
  • The department of literature resources;
  • The department of reading hall and periodicals consists of;
  1. Sub department in the faculty of Tajik philology;
  2. Sub department in the faculty Oriental studies;
  3. Sub department in the faculty of History;
  4. Sub department in the faculty of foreign languages;
  5. Sub department in Dormitory # 2
  6. Sub department in Dormitory # 3
  7. Sub department in Dormitory #9
  • The department of supply and selection;
  • The department of bibliography, information services, search and inquiry;
  • The department of SOROS Foundation books;
  • The department of valuable literature.
In 2000, the computer center and electronic library were set up in KSU Library.

The library is connected to the set of e-library of the country and out of it. The main goal of this service is to enrich the resources of the library with e-literature.

The list of alphabetic bibliography presents all periodicals. The readers use the bibliography and periodical publications list in Russian, Tajik and foreign languages. The librarians are always ready to assist the readers in search and selection of necessary literature. Nowadays more than eight thousand full-time and 1602 part-time students attend the library.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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