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Research Centers of the University

In the latest years, research and investigation centers have been established in the University that study trends and factors of the past and today, and create interesting works about the history and civilization of Tajik people. The investigation of useful and effective ways of researches had begun in the University and caused the establishment of research Centers in the University and its faculties. Today, five independent research Centers, and the Management and Computer Technology Institute carry out research works. The results of their researches recognized in and out of the country prove the effective policy of the University in terms of research works supports.

The Center for Teaching Russian, English Languages and computer Technology

Following the order of the President of Tajikistan issued on April 4, 2003 about teaching English and Russian languages and Computer Technology, the Centre for Teaching Russian, English Languages and Computer Technology (CTRELCT) was founded in 10.15.2003 in the University by the order #10 of the Scientists Board of Foreign Languages Faculty.

The main goal of the center is to improve the content, ways and methods of teaching English and Russian languages and Computer Technology in secondary and higher schools in Sughd region.

Boimatov A.B., docent of the Chair of Methods of Teaching of Foreign Languages, was appointed as the head of this Centre by the order of the rector of KSU.

Docents Osimova B.M, Abdulloev A, teachers Azimova M., Shodmonova N. and others work in this Centre. The employees of the Centre have accomplished some academic and methodic works within the years of its functioning.

Seminars on methods of teaching are regularly held in the Centre to enhance teaching skills of juniors of Russian and English language faculties.

Each year, during the winter and summer vacations, 10-15 teachers of English and Russian languages of secondary schools take retraining courses in this Centre.

The employees of this Centre conduct competitions, parties, tests and quiz, in ESP faculties.

They also take an active part in publishing syllabi, manuals and textbooks on English and Russian languages.

Teaching of computer skills is well – organized by docent Abdulloev A.

Each year hundreds of students, post–graduates and teachers benefit the computers and internet access services.

Somonids Civilization Research Centre

On January 1998, a group of young scholars of the faculty of philology with the head of N.U.Salimov (the today rector of KSU) had established the Somonid Civilization Research Centre (SCRC).

The goals of the Centre are:
  • to publish historical and literary texts concerning Somonid’s State,
  • to write works about the history of Somonid’s State, Emirs, Ministers and prominent figures of that period, the government system, cultural revival of that great period of Tajik people in view to create valuable sources for national self-awareness, to get Tajik readers acquainted with the achievements of their noble ancestors.
The foundation of the Centre and publication of several research works by KSU scholars were just the functions to meet the orders of the President and Government of Tajikistan about the celebration of 1100 years anniversary of Somonids State. The members of the Centre (within 1998-2002) published 13 research works of 300 print-run, such as: “Emir Ismail Somoni” written by Abdulloev S.A., a two–volume book “Somonids in the mirror of history” (authors: Abdulloev S.A, Salimov N.U, Zohidov N, Giyasov N, Hasanov A.), “Emirs of Somonids State” and “Culture of Somonids State” written by Abdulloev S.A, “Persian and Tajik literature in Arabic language from Arabic conquest to the period of Somonids State” written by Zohidov N.Sh., “The pearl of Dari (Persian) river and the Northern dialect” written by Hasanov A, etc.

The head of the Centre, Salimov N.U and ex–rector of KSU, professor Abdulloev S.A., had a great contribution to planning the further activity of the Centre. It shows Salimov N.U as the best organizer who could involve the best experts of Oriental Studies initially studied and worked in Dushanbe city and abroad.

The Center had been run by Salimov N.U, Zohidov N, and Giyasov N., at different years. This position has been carried out by Hasanov A., since 2007.

The work of the Center had continued in the following years too and many research works had been created like: “The heritage of Somonids dynasty” by Salimov N.U., “Rudaki” by Nasriddinov N., a two – volume book “The translation of Tabari Interpretation” of Muhammad Jariri Tabari (the preface is written by Salimov N.U, Zohidov N, Giyasov N, Hasanov A, Sameyev A.). Today the scholars are working on “Donishnomai Somoniyon” (the Somonids discovery).

Some research works of the members of this Centre were published in Islamic Republic of Iran, for example; “Emir Ismail Somoni” written by Abdulloev S.A., “Persian and Tajik Literature in Arabic Language from the time of Arabic conquest to the period of Somonid State” written by Zohidov N.Sh.

Abdulloev S.A., was awarded the Ismaili Somoni Prize for his book “Ismaili Somoni”, and the authors of the two-volume book “Tajiks in the mirror of history” Salimov N.U, Abdulloev S.A, Zohidov N.Sh., Giyasov N., and Hasanov A., won Kamoli Khujandi Prize.

The Centre was awarded with Honorary Diploma of Sughd region Government.

The Centre has not only improved researches in the University to the high level, but also opened a fresh page in Tajik history studies, especially in Middle Ages Studies and Somonids Dynasty Ages Studies.

Now two senior, two leading and four junior researchers work in the Center.

There is a library and “Khonai Iron” (Iran Corner) in the Centre.

UNESCO Humanities Research Centre

The UNESCO Humanities Research Centre (HRS) had the following names so far: HRC (1996-98), UNESCO Research Chair (1998-2002), since February 2002, UNESCO HRC of KSU. The Research Centre has been carrying out research projects on three issues and 13 topics:
  1. East and West – mutual relationship & partnership.
  2. The history of urbanization of the East.
  3. The history and culture of Central Asia of the 20th century in research sources and literature.
  4. Humanity researches of new industry and market relations in Tajikistan.
  5. The encyclopedia of the towns, regions, districts, communities, industrial and agrarian enterprises, the life of outstanding people.
  6. Human being, civilization and environment.
  7. The new society in documented and original papers.
  8. Complex research and study of Tajik diplomacy.
The director of this scientific centre is the doctor of history, academician of AS of RT, Numon Negmatovich Negmatov. Outstanding scientists, historians and researchers like S.Abdulloev, H.Kholjuraev, X.Abdullozoda, M.Khojaeva, S.Marofiev, A.Qodirov, N.Salimov, A.Juraev, U.Gafforova are employed in the Centre.

The UNESCO HRC has its publication which is published in two languages with the name of “Humanity studies of Central Asia” (chief editor N.Yu.Salimov and scientific chief-editor N.Negmatov). So far seven numbers have been published which consist of 70 print-runs. Following the project, the Research Centre has made contributions to training candidates of science on “History of the country”. The researches Shavkat Sharipov, Vladimir Vodnev, Tutiniso Mirboboeva defended their dissertations under the supervision of academician N.Negmatov.

The monograph of “Ariana and Aryanveja” (Culture and Civilization) was published under the editorship of academician N.Negmatov which is one of the greatest achievements of the Centre. The researches of N.Negmatov, R.Muqimov, N.Hakimov, V.Vodnev, A.Mandelshtam are collected in this work.

The Center’s primary goal is to research the history studies and sociology of the past and today of Tajikistan and Central Asia in a new perspective.

In 1998–1999 the employees of the Centre had contributed to the publication of “Khujand: Encyclopedia” (-Khujand, 1999.-928 pages).

This collective work is dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of Somonids State. The contribution of academician N.Nematov, A.Qodirov, S.Sh.Marofiev, N.Rahimov is much in its publication.

There is a scientific library attached to the Center which serves for the researchers of the Center, students and teachers of history and humanities of high schools in Khujand city.

There is a museum of “Archaeology and Fortification” attached to the Center (headed by candidate of history N.T.Rahimov) which plays a great role in moral and cultural education of youth and population of our country and gets them familiar with the history of our people.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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