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The Publication of “Nuri Ma’rifat”

The publication of the University “Nuri Ma’rifat” (the Ray of Knowledge) was published for the first time with the name of “Mahorati pedagogi” (Pedagogical skills), forty one years ago, on October 25, 1965. Within these years, the newspaper has made incredible contributions to the presentation of true life of the University. At first the responsibility about the publication of the newspaper was upon the skilled journalists and literary men late Ahmadjon Usmonov and Aleksandr Zinovevich Dun. The first number, published with rich content and quality, was received by the University society in Now district (now Spitaman). The editorship of the newspaper was carried out by Shavkat Okhunov in 1966 – 68, Alijon Soliev in 1968-1969, Saidullo Asadulloev and Khanifa Naimova in 1970 – 72, Abdukodir Zohidov in 1973-1975, Abdumannon Nasriddinov in 1975, Abdusattor Abdukodirov in 1976, Mavluda Sharifova in 1976–78, Elza Gavrilovna Soi in 1973-94.

The newspaper focuses on scientific and educational life of the University and the assists in widening students’ thoughts involving them in advanced research inventions. As well, the newspaper used to present interviews and talks held with outstanding scientists like academician B.Gafurov, I.S.Braginskiy, M.Osimee, writers & poets like M.Tursunzoda, B.Rahimzoda, R.Jalil, modern writers & poets like Ozod Aminzoda, Doro Najot, Farzona, Ahmadjoni Rahmadzod.

The best journalists and best teachers of that time who made newspaper colorful with their scientific and public articles, annotation for books and other educational materials were U. Gafforov, G. Haydariov, H. Ochilov, S. Abdulloev, S. Marofiev, A.Abduqodirov, U. Jahonov, A. Davronov, A. Mikhaylov, S. Olov, U. Ahmadova, H. Toatov and others.

After transforming the Pedagogical Institute into KSU in 1992, the newspaper of “Mahorati Pedagogi” was named into “Nuri Ma’rifat”.

The first number of the newspaper was published under the editorship of A.Dun and H.Naimova. Zebo Abdulloeva has been the chief-editor of the newspaper since 1978.

Since 2001 the activity of the newspaper has been improved with new modern design of 16 pages.

Today the University newspaper of “Nuri Ma’rifat” is published twice a month, in four pages and 10 000 items.

Since, it existence it has been published 2150 times that has been being contributed in social and educational life, increasing cultural and educational ideas and supporting social and political issues of the University and beyond.

In 2000 number of new creative and talented staff was created where Nurali Nurov, Bahrom Mirsaidov, Bakhtiyor Fayzuloev, Surayo Hakimova, Firuz Jumaev Uguloy Qositova were employed.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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