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The Faculty of Physical Training




History affirms that humanity from its existence in this world have reached significant achievements in the fields of culture, science and other areas and great achievements gained by these factors for raising living standards, improving the life of people and the sustainability of peace and stability on the surface of the Earth. One of the most important achievements of humanity is SPORT which services to maintain a strong and healthy man from ancient times up to now.

It should be noted that the sport is considered as one of the key priorities of the community, the best means of promoting people of the state and nation to the healthy life.

With the purpose of national identity in the spirit of self-educated, and to perfect athletes in 1966 in Leninabad Pedagogical University named S.M.Kirov (now Khujand State University named after Bobojon Ghafurov) faculty of physical training was opened. In the first year of the establishment of the faculty and students which were admitted in to two groups, Russian and Tajik whose total number of 80.

The dean of the faculty was appointed Dadajon Boturovich Boturov. During his leading faculty (1966-1972) the number of the students reached fron 80 to 400.

At that time, there was Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Training which was headed by Asror Karimovich Karimov.

Sport and Methods of Teaching Physical Training Department was created by the supports of university rector professor V.Naʙiev in 27.05.2011.

Students of the faculty are participating in sports clubs and these activities are being received significant results.

Currently students of the faculty and university are being trained from nearly all types of sports as football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, darts, wrestling, sambo, athletics, boxing and etc. If we look at the the results and analyzes we come to know that about 65% of students of the faculty are involved in different kinds of sports, and taking parts in sports competitions of city, regional, national and international .  


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