Донишгоҳи азим ва пуриқтидори Тоҷикистон

Кохи мӯҳташами илму ирфон

Маскани илму маърифат ва маъвои хирад

The Faculty of Tajik Philology


Телефон:  8(3422) 60043


The faculty of Tajik Philology is one of the oldest and the largest educational Institutions of the University. It had been established as a literature and linguistics department in 1933-34 academic year.

F.Abdullozoda, A.Mirpochoev, M.Mansurov, A.Oqilov, M.M.Yavich, A.Neste-renko, U.Nazirov, J.Khojaev, B.Olimjonov, A.Tursunov, A.Gafforov and others as the first teachers of the faculty made great contributions to the development of intellectual and educational capacity of this institution. The number of scientists of the faculty had been increased in the faculty in the following years by the first candidates of science O.Orifee, Q.Tohirova, M.Tursunov and A.Sayfulloev. Thanks to arrival of the number of junior smart teachers like A.Sattorov, Yu.Salimov, A.Usmonov, U.Ahmadova, A.Vahhobov, R.Toshmatov and B.Makhsumova the scientific and educational capacity of the faculty and the Chairs of Tajik language and literature was enforced.

In 60-70s another group of smart and keen juniors like F.Zikriyoev, A.Davronov, A.Zohidov, S.Hojiev, A.Abduqodirov, A.Nabiev, M.Fayzulloev, A.Nasriddinov, N.Hikmatulloyev, A.Jalolov and others joined the faculty staff.

Since 1937 the famous scientists and teachers like B.I.Vinogradov, S.N.Fadeyev, N.F.Prosenko, I.S.Freidkina, D.Hamroev, N.N.Rostovseva, Gh.H.Haydarov, A.Qodirov, A.A.Nelipa, M.Iskandarov, Sh.M.Okhunov, H.Mamadov, A.Abduqodirov, A.Nasriddinov, S.Hojiev and F.Zikriyoev headed this scientific and educational institution.

And since March 2000, this duty has been carried out by the alumnus of this faculty, docent N. Fayzulloev. Since the last decades of the XX and early XXI century the faculty has achieved noteworthy achievements in science and education. The period of scientific prosperity of the faculty is marked by the defense of doctoral dissertations of the nine alumni and teachers like A.Sayfulloev (1980), S.Asadulloev (1986), F.Zikriyoev (1987), A.Nasriddinov (1990), M.Khojaeva (1995), N.Salimov (2002), A.Hasanov (2004), N.Fayzulloev (2006) and R.Bobojonova (2006), as well as by the candidate dissertations defense of almost 40 teachers in these years, who increased the rating and prestige of their institution.

In the recent years the demand for training specialists of Tajik language & literature for Uzbek schools has been growing. It happened after accepting the Law of Language of the Republic of Tajikistan. And the necessity of learning state language, its teaching at schools with foreign language of instruction, including Uzbek language, training teachers to carry out this duty have appeared. That’s why the faculty has been enrolling students on this field since 2002- 2003 academic year.

The teaching and professors staff of the faculty has been carrying out research works on different issues in the field of literature, linguistics and journalism. And they have been cooperating with prominent scientists and experts of the republic, especially with the staff of philology departments of Tajik State National University, Pedagogical University named after S. Aini in Dushanbe city, with scientists of Oriental Research Centers, and Institute of Tajik language & literature named after A.Rudaki of AS of RT. The faculty has relationship with famous scientific centers of Russia, Humanities Institute of Botkent of Kirghizstan, Educational Council of Iran in Dushanbe city and other scientific and educational institutes of the republic.

Today five Chairs, Classic Literature, Modern Tajik literature, Stylistic and Culture of Speech, Journalism and Theory of Translation. Eight doctors of science and professors, 30 candidates of science and more than 25 teachers carry out their activity in these two departments of the faculty.

Since its establishment, the faculty of Tajik philology has trained more than 10 000 high – qualified experts. Currently more than 1100 full – time and part – time students are enrolled in the faculty.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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