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Маскани илму маърифат ва маъвои хирад

The Faculty of Philology


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The faculty of History of Russian Literature began to function as a department under the faculty of Tajik Literature of Leninabad State Pedagogical Institute (LSPI) named after Kirov along with Tajik and Uzbek departments.

Because of the lack of high qualified specialists, a group of famous Russian teachers like M.I. Stamenova, V.S. Verpakhovskaya, K.A. Gainseva, O.A. Smirnova ,A.V. Bondar, S.N.Fadeyev, G.D. Ieffe, L.A. Magin. N.S. Ivanov were invited for teaching here.

For the period of the Great Patriotic War years a group of specialists of Philology including migrants like doctor of Philology, professor A.A.Volkov E.S.Brazhnikov, I.S.Freydkin, E.M. Vall and others joined the staff of the Russian Language and Literature department. At the end of the years of War and in the early post War years the graduates of the Department like L.S.Vinogradskaya, A.A.Nelippa .N.S.Rostovseva, B.M.Rusakova had begun working here in capacity of teachers.

In September 1964 the faculty of Russian Language and Literature was established. From then on alongside with Russian groups, Tajik and Uzbek students groups were also admitted. As to the University curriculum, the students of the faculty receive the following qualifications:
  • “Teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary Russian schools”
  • “Teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary Tajik schools”,
  • “Teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary Uzbek schools”.
Currently, about 500 students study to receive the above qualifications.

Three Chairs are functioning in the faculty today:
  • The Chair of Modern Russian language and General linguistics
  • The Chair of Russian and Foreign literature
  • The Chair of Russian speaking and writing skills
  • The Chair of Uzbek language and literature
The faculty of Uzbek philology was a part of History and Tajik philology faculty. And two Chairs, the Chair of Uzbek language and the Chair of Uzbek literature, were established in it in 1977.

Uzbek language, Uzbek literature, Methods of teaching of Uzbek language & literature are taught in this Chair. The scientists of the faculty have scientific and educational relationship with Uzbek language and literature Research Center of Uzbek AS, National University and Pedagogical University named after Nizomi of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Universities of Gulistan, Ferghana, Andijan, Botkent University of Kirghiz Republic.

The responsibilities of the dean was carried out by different teachers and professors in different times as docent А.А.Nelipa (1964-1968, 1978-1985), docent М. М. Аbduvalieva (1971-1975), А. P. Voychenko (1975-1978), docent Dolin U. Т. (1985-1991), Professor S. E. Nematov (1991-1992), Professor R. О. Samadova (1992-1993), docent А. А. Аzizov (1994-2007), docent F.М. Hamrokulov (2007-2012) and Kamolova M. F. since 2012.

In September, 2012 in accordance of the manuals of faculties of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan faculty of Uzbek philology was added to the Philology of Russian Philology since that it is being call as the Faculty of Philology .

There are 52 teachers teaching in 21 academic groups which contain over 500 students, including 30 girls enrolled by President`s quota

The faculty is training students in the specialties of Russian language and literature in Tajik schools and Russian language and literature in Russian schools to be teachers.

The faculty is proud of its graduators who played and playing an incredible role of the cultural and educational development of the country and beyond on as Rashidov A.R.- Ex-Ministry of Education of the RT, Hojaeva M.U. doctor of philological science, professor, vice-rector on science of the university, Gelop P. G. a poet, Jabborova M doctor of philological science Depute of Prime Minister of RT, М.М. Каlonova – candidate of philological science, docent, Chairman of the Languages Department of Tajik State Medical University, U.T. Dolin ex-docent Chairman of Journalistic Department of Orenburg State Oriental languages University, V.I. Kazarina – professor of Pedagogical institution of Eletski of Russian Federation and others.

In 90th of last century at the base of the faculty there was a Russian Languages Training center where students from Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan were trained.  


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