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Маскани илму маърифат ва маъвои хирад

The Faculty of Chemistry and Biology


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The department of Physics and Engineering, and the department of Agro-biology were founded in the academic year of 1932–1933. Later the departments were transformed into separate faculties and the department of Agro-biology was named the faculty of Natural Sciences and Chemistry. In the late 30s of the past century the Chair of General Chemistry was divided into two branches: organic and in-organic.

The faculty made a significant contribution to the development of friendship and cooperation with the scientists of many countries. From the 60s till 1992 of the past century the students of the third and fourth year of geography and biology departments passed their practice in the countries of Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Caucasus, Baltic countries, Far East, Altai and Say-an mountains. In 70s a field probation area was established in Pallas of B.Gafurov district by the initiative and efforts of the scientists A.Otaev, B.Haidarov, K.Nazarov and R. Normatov. The students can gain rich experience in soil science, botany, weather forecasting, basics of agriculture, zoology, biology, geology, hydrology in this probation field. The students implement their gained knowledge and experience them into practice.

At present eight Chairs are successfully functioning at the faculty which have been run by skilled and experienced scientists. The scientists and teachers of the faculty are doing best to train highly qualified specialists in scientific and teaching fields. The specialists in biology and chemistry are trained in this faculty.

In 1936 the number of the students and teachers increased and the necessity of making faculty came to the institute and the faculty of chemistry was set up which existed till 1943. And the first dean of the faculty A.A. Dibrova was appointed in 1938 by this time the responsibility of the faculty was carried on by the director of the institute. In 1944-195 the faculties of Chemistry and Physics & Mathematics were jointed and named as the faculty of Natural Science and Physics & Mathematics where botanist А.А. Аtoev was dean till 1945, in 1946-47 biologist Q. Nazarov and in 1948-56 physicist Т.H. Homidov were deans of the faculty.

In 1957-1958 the department of the geography was opened and since that time the name of the faculty was changed into the Faculty of Natural Science and Geography where V.Sh. Shamsiev was dean. And later on the faculty was headed by other scholars as R. Кarimov (1958-62), R.А. Nosirova (1962-68), О. Dadaboeva (1968-69), А.S. Saidov (1969-73), H.Q. Qosimov (1973-74), I.Т. Turaqulov (1974-79), H.G. Ochilov (1979-85), B. Homidov (1986-87), B.М. Haydarov (1988-93) .

In 1993 because of the changing institute into the University (13.061991) the faculty of Geography was parted but the faculty continued as the faculty of natural science. During September 1992 and February 1993 T.Q. Khabilov was the dean and N. Hakimkhujaev headed the faculty in 1993-1996

In November 1996 three faculties (Geography, Natural Science, Chemistry) were jointed and started being called as the faculty of Natural Sciences and headed by I.T. Turaqulov till December 2000. And later S.B.Karimov (2000-2008) and M. Bobojonova were the deans.

In January 2011 the faculty was divided into two parts: the faculty of Geography and Ecology and the faculty of Chemistry and Biology. In 2011-2013 it was leaded by M. Bobojonoa and since January 2013 М.I. Saburov is the dean.

The number of the students enrolled at the par-time is around 680 and in the Fulltime study more than 748. And the staff around ????? including ???? Doctor of Science , Candidate of Science and Teachers.

Today, there are five Chairs at the faculty as follow:
  1. The Chair of General Chemistry and the Methods of its Teaching
  2. The Chair of Practical and Organic Chemistry
  3. The Chair of Botany and Plants Physiology
  4. The Chair of Physiology and Zoology of Human and Animal
  5. The Chair of Biology and the Method of its Teaching
1-020401. Biology.
1-8002-01. Medical biological work.
1-020403. Chemistry.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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