Донишгоҳи азим ва пуриқтидори Тоҷикистон

Кохи мӯҳташами илму ирфон

Маскани илму маърифат ва маъвои хирад

The Faculty of History and Law




The faculty of History had begun it’s functioning through the Chair of History and Economy in the academic year of 1933-34. In 1936-37 the Chair was transformed into the faculty.

During the years of 1937-2007 the faculty was run by: Putirsky E.M. (1943), Berkovich M.E. (1943-46), Chirkova N.I. (1946-500, Pavlov N.P. (1950-56); and in later years by: A.Qodirov, A.S.Nelipa, M.Okhunov, M.Iskandarova, Sh. Ahmadov, H.Mahmadov, A.Abduqodirov, S.Abdulloeva, M.Inomov, M.Fayzulloyev, U.Gafforov, A.Bobokalonov.

In 1987 the Chair of History was converted into the faculty of History. The faculty focuses on training highly qualified specialists for secondary schools, scientific and pedagogic Institutes, research Centers and Universities of Tajikistan. In the shortest period of time some Chairs, study and computer classrooms, the library, the museum of ethnography were equipped with modern academic facilities enhancing the efficiency of the process of teaching, education and research works.

More than 50 teachers, professors and assistants are teaching there. More than 1000 full-time and part-time students study in the faculty. To date more than 20 post-graduates and research workers have successfully defended their papers. The research works of scientists like G.Haidarov “About the history of building of social system in the Northern Tajikistan”, “The history of Tajik people of the 20th”, N. Tursunov “The sunny city”, “Istarravshan”, “The history of Tajiks ”, U.Jahonov “The agriculture of Sukh valley Tajiks in the end 20th and the beginning of 20th centuries”. “The history of Sukh”, S. Abdulloev “About the history of establishing high schools in Tajikistan”, “Ismaili Somony”, “Amironi Somoni”, “The culture of Somonids”, U.Pulodov “Chil Hujra ”, “Urtaqurghon and Tirmizakteppa”, U.Gafforov “The Allama of the time”, “The enlightener of the history ”, the series of works of A. Mirboboev about the history of mosques and medressahs play a great role in studying the history of Tajik people. The scientists of the faculty have close cooperation with scientific centers of Tajikistan, Russian, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Iran, the USA, and Great Britain in terms of dealing with scientific challenges and contribute to creation of meaning-rich works.

Today the faculty is very keen to welcome applicants for the fulltime and part time studies of the following specialties:

Full time study:
  1. 1 – 020101 – History educational level “Bachelor”, duration 4 years, specialty teacher of history, credit and budget groups, language Tajik, in credit groups annual contract is 2541 somoni.
  2. 1 – 020102 – History and Law level «specialist», duration 5 years, specialty teacher of history and law, credit and budget groups, language Tajik, in credit group annual contract is 2541 somoni.
  3. 1 – 210301-02 – Historian – Archeology level «specialist», duration 5 years, teacher of history and archeology, credit and budget groups, Tajik language in credit group annual contract is 2640 somoni
Part-time study:

1-020101 – History «Bachelor», Duration 5, Teacher of History educational level “Bachelor, credit and budget groups, language Tajik, in credit groups annual contract is 2033 somoni.
1 – 020102 – History and Law level «specialist», duration 5 years, specialty teacher of history and law, credit and budget groups, language Tajik, in credit group annual contract is 2033 somoni.

Faculty has trained thousands of high qualified specialists who have been working in various fields of country`s development. Today the faculty is proud of its graduates as academic N. Negmatov, Doctors of Historical sciences, professors G. Haydarov, A. Jalilov, Sh. Sultonov, U. Pulotov, M. Iskandarov, Sh. Akhmedov, N.Tursunov, S. Abdulloev, M. Inomov, O.Karimov, F.Homidov, I. Mamadaliev, J. Juraboev and tens of other candidate of sciences, docents and political and governmental and social faces and also with diplomats A. Qahhorov, R.Hojiev, Q.Habilov, A. Sharipov, Y.Islomov, A. Qayumov and others.

If at the at the department of history there were 2 teachers, and two translators and 12 students, now there are more than 1000 students are enrolled into study in the part time and full time departments of the faculty to whom more than 50 teachers including 6 Doctors of Historical Sciences, Professors (Sh. Akhmedov, А. Mirboboev, N. Rahimov, H. Kholjuraev, V. Nabiev, I. Mamadaliev, 5 candidates of science, professors as Т. Pochomulloev, S. Мarofiev, U. Gaforov, U. Jahonov, А. Bobokalonov) and almost 15 candidates of sciences, docents.

The structure of the faculty leis as follow: Academic Council of the faculty Educational-Methodical Council, Vice-deans on education, science , part-time department, adviser of the faculty and social Unions, Trade Union, Youth Union and Veteran`s Union.

Today there are five Chairs at the faculty as:
  • The Chair of History of Tajik people
  • The Chair of General History
  • The Chair of Archeology and Ethnography of Tajik people
  • The Chair of Methods of Teaching History and Law
  • The Chair of Governmental and Law Sciences


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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