Донишгоҳи азим ва пуриқтидори Тоҷикистон

Кохи мӯҳташами илму ирфон

Маскани илму маърифат ва маъвои хирад

The Faculty of Finance and Market Economy




The Faculty of Finance and Market Economy was founded in 1991 as a part of KSU and tries:

  • to develop the education having applied modern advanced experience
  • to get familiar with new scientific and technical achievements in economy
  • to implement new methods of education
  • to enhance teacher’s skills.

In 1992 an overall economic disciplines Chair was established in the faculty on the base of which the Chair of Finance and Credit (1994), the Chair of Economics, Business Administration and Service (1992), Management and Entrepreneurship (1996) were set up later.

The faculty of Finance and Market Economy trains the economists on finance and credit and market relations. The number of students of the faculty is increasing year by year having reached nearly 1500 students so far. The process of education is run by more than 50 outstanding professors like candidates of economy, docent A.Majidov, I.Pulotova, T.Rizoqulov, A.Azimov, D.Yusufova, M.Bobokhonova, candidate of agriculture A.Azimov and many others.

The faculty is well equipped by modern educational facilities. There are 2 computer class-rooms, special library that is fulfilled with updated literatures based on economy and market and finance, classrooms are designed by projectors, E-boards and computers being connected to the internet.

There are five Chairs at the faculty as :
  • The Chair of Finance and Credit
  • The Chair of the Theory of Economy,
  • The Chair of Specific Economy and Market Creation
  • The Chair of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • The Chair of Accounting and Audit.

The faculty has close research contacts with the Pier Mendes France Grenoble University of France, Moscow Academy of Public Economy named after Plekhanov, Botken State University of Kirgizstan, the International Organization “Karana Corporation”, Eurasia Foundation, Pragma Corporation and many others. The business trips to foreign Universities assist the staff to improve the content of education.

The dean of the faculty is Doctor of Economic Science Professor, Qodirov A since 2011.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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