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Кохи мӯҳташами илму ирфон

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The Faculty of Telecommunication and IT


Телефон:  8(3422) 24864


The faculty of Telecommunication and Information Technology was formed with the order of the rector of the university (No. 29 of 29.01.2015) on the basis of joining faculties of Cybernetics and the faculty of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

There are 4 departments at the faculty.
  1. Department of Economic Cybernetics headed by D. Ibrogimov.
  2. Department of Creation and Technology of Information Protection headed by Kh. Yusupov
  3. Department of Computer Technology headed by B.Мiravatova
  4. Department of Telecommunications and radio-electronics headed by Domullojonov A.
The faculty of Telecommunication and computer technology was founded in 2003. The faculty comprises Telecommunication and radio electronics, Information technology and electronic equipment Chairs. Also it has laboratories of telecommunication equipment, TV studio “Orash” and computer center consisting of 20 computers.

The faculty is equipped with update educational technology like quarts generators, oscillographs, electronic measure tools, telephone station, video mixers, digital video cameras, plasmatic TV-sets, VCRs, DVD-players, editing table “Shuttle”, modems, projectors, hodoscopes and etc. DW-4020 satellite station connects the computer set of the faculty with the internet. There are 35 teachers in the faculty, 6 doctors of science, and eight candidates of science. And 450 students are studying on four specializations meeting today’s national economy requirements. They are “Information System &Technology in Economy (qualification: engineer-economist), “Electronic Equipments” (qualification: electronic engineer), “Multichannel telecommunication system” (qualification: telecommunication analytic engineer), and “Automatic projecting system” (qualification: engineer-system technician).

The students gain deep knowledge in math, computers, program designing, and basics of artificial intellect, information system and technology.

The faculty of management and computer technology has close contacts with national university of radio-electronics of Kharkov city, the state university of economics, computer sciences and statistics of Moscow.

These specialties are related to Chairs of Economics and Statistics, Economic Cybernetics, Programming Technology. In July 2004, the Chair of Information Protection Technology was organized. The Chair of International Economic Relations was cancelled in 2005. Since 2006, the enrollment of students to economy and audit specialties has been launched in the faculty of Finance and Market economy. And since then, the Chair of Accounting and Audit has been functioning in the faculty.

In the 2014- 2015 academic year totally 40 teachers, including 2 doctors and 16 candidates of science were employed at the faculty.

More than 1000 students study at the faculty today including foreign students. The faculty has a computer center and it is equipped with modern Pentium computers, laser printers, scanners.

The faculty cooperates with some foreign universities of such countries as the USA, England, France and other universities in scientific and educational fields. The research project of the members of economic and statistics Chair deals with market economy challenges of the region.

The economic and ecological issues in market economy conditions are regarded as one of the acute research topics of the scientists of this faculty.  


Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand, passage Mavlonbekov 1

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